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  1. That's how the democracy work. It's good enough for president election, so it could work for a small patreon campaign ??? But in my particular patreon high-tier patrons can just request the animation they want, disregarding the crowd opinion. And this particular move I also take from the actual governmental mechanisms ?
  2. There are more than 20 submissions with facesitting, spanking, force masturbating e.t.c. That's definitely wider than "mostly feet attacks" ? And most of this submissions was commissioned by my patrons. It's not even my personal choice. We have a nice community around the NF3D and my supporters choose what they want to see. If you have something particular in mind - feel free to join my patreon and we could decide how to implement it for the next game build.
  3. Yep, voice & announce would be changed in next build ? I'm also working on descriptions and FAQ right now.
  4. I'm the poor person who don't have 4k display. I'm sorry for being poor ?
  5. I'm sorry that I can't just gifted everyone with a PRO version for free. But in a fresh demo build there is an option to check/uncheck censorship.
  6. I'm balancing between thing I want to show and somehow limiting the demoversion in compare with the pro release. But I get your point and updated the Demo version right now. Feel free to download fresh build and check it out ?
  7. Hey! I'm here to announce that Naked Fighter 3D have a new free for everyone demo and I believe it worth a look (or two) Feel free to get your copy here
  8. Just updated the first post with a link to PUBLIC DEMOBUILD! Will be happy to hear your feedback!
  9. That's why I put big block of texts on the site and patreon page explaining what kind of game it is
  10. Teaser was made before I got an animation to show. It's in active development right now, I put some preview gif links to the first post.
  11. I don't think it's a good idea to just copypaste here all the texts from the website and public patreon page. That's why I'm here to answer the questions Yes, it’s not a direct control game. You develop your character increasing characteristics and learning abilities. It’s a strategy part. When you create a challenge – you define a moves that will be used in this specific fight and assign attack & defense points (it’s a tactic part) Seems like image upload on this forum is not working for me. I'll put some direct imgur links https://imgur.com/pRgHh4F https://imgur.com/GkYlfJG https://imgur.com/JrlbeJ1 https://imgur.com/18woe4B
  12. Sure! All 3 genders are ready to interact with each other. But the person who create the fight will have to select who can be the opponent. And there will be offline mode too
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