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  1. Soooo here's the million dollar question: can we now make mods SE that depend on DD or is it still stort of beta?
  2. Well in case the comparison to some of the most horrible regimes in human history didn't give you the hint about a certain conception of reality: Yes, it's obviously true and definitely not some BS from a couple of years ago.
  3. Check the support thread, the question has already been answered.
  4. MME has different Formlists depending on what exactly you need. In TESEdit you can find these lists and their entries under the FormID list node for any given plugin (provided that it contains such list). The configuration can take these lists and add them to the whitelist. The configuration file is located in "Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\CLS" and the default looks like this: { "formList" : { "foodformlists" : [ "378908|MilkModNEW.esp" ], "foodkeywords" : [ "0" ] } } As you can see there is already an entry for MME. This one is for the MME
  5. yeah that's it for now. Well there a couple of things i'm working on. But I guess the biggest one will be this here:
  6. Ah well that makes sense, guess RDO also changes that particular dialog. As for MME, I dunno what's up with that. I just use it to add a milk-pump to the barn, cause the ones in Zaz don't work for me.
  7. Well it seems like you have quests that no longer are part the mod. Perhaps you have some weird left-overs from some previous installation? The current version just has 2 quests: CLS_MainController: Handles integration with other mods and pretty much all gameplay effects as well as maintenance (if required). It should be up and running and there should be one alias for the player and some conditional property that determines the faction level of your cow. CLS_FarmController: Just handles teleportation to and from the barn. It should have a bunch of aliases and propertie
  8. The mod uses SKSE to identify food, so unless you have a mod that is doing some fancy stuff to trick the game everything should work fine. For white listing my mod primarily uses form lists, so it just relies on the internal identifiers as opposed to some kind of item attributes. Vanilla items have been added to a built-in list while all additonal modded items are handle by the configuration file. The default that comes with the download already adds a formlist from MME that contains all of the new MME food. The file is located at: Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\CLS
  9. It's pretty simple. When you are transformed and consume something, the mod will check if it's food and if the food form is white listed. If it is food and not white listed you take random damage.
  10. Mhh I was thinking about some kind of ruminant trait, dunno if I can add grazing though
  11. Some minor teaser on the next update: Welcome to the secret cow-level
  12. Well somebody added them to the factions so I suppose that they are meant to be that way Dunno yet, work starts on wednesday, so probably somewhere mid january or something like that.
  13. can you even coc to CLS_Barn ? BAC story shouldn't matter.
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