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  1. Hi there. Personally I'm not a fan of most adult games out there and considering there are plenty of tools available today I believe some "courage" should be considered. Personally I would rather go with the Unreal Engine for a bunch of very good reasons. The most important one is the face that, as far as I could see there are several ready-made templates where all you have to do is creating the characters, personalize the UI/GUI design with your graphics and focus on the creation of the story and the quests. All that with better graphics, especially if you want to
  2. Poor thralls... always left behind!
  3. If you ever decide to give non-shooters a try then I'd say Conan Exiles, no doubt. There was also a sex mod but didn't get an update since the game latest update in September last year and hopefully will be fixed soon. There are a few animations on some items like carpets/rugs and, I think, a bed. Anyway, since you're just looking for nudity I do recommend this game. I've been playing and modding Skyrim and Fallout 4 along the last 5 more or less years but, after a few months on Warframe I went back to Conan Exiles, which has been enriched with several DLCs and the modding communit
  4. My comment was all about the comments section of the thread, not the thread itself which left me with doubts or, better saying, left me with the desire to know more and personalise a result accordingly with my needs. When I comment a thread or post I always try my best to be constructive, probably due to my professional role in Creative Management that inevitably comes up when has been part of 3/4 of an entire lifetime. I just hope nobody has taken my "comment to the comments" too personally. Anger and drama kill faster. All that being said I thank you for havin
  5. It's a 17" display.... not a 29" or 32" but not a "postage stamp either"... the postage stamp size is the one where I play Skyrim's version for smartphones {pretty decent mobile game by the way, I'd say... lightning and combat system there are a long way much better than the original!}.
  6. WHOA! What a show off... seriously. I admire yours scientific genius in display and I really wish I had some myself but, honestly speaking, despite my will to understand how things work all I get from this thread is a confusing pile of numbers. I guess you don't need me to remind you guys what Albert Einstein said about teaching and learning, simplicity and understanding. I'm not here to teach anything to anybody and definitely not to provoke anybody like a drama queen so I keep it simple myself and I start from the end, the purpose of all those numbers you guys listed
  7. Hello folks. Whoever enjoys playing Skyrim and Fallout with an ENB and a 4K screen resolution of 3840x2160, and more, definitely has faced this problem already. Personally I use to play any game at 4K, 3840x2160 DSR on my OMEN 17 by HP with Nvidia GTX1070 8GB and when opening the ENB Editor I almost lose my eyes trying to read a font size which is probably a 12 pixels but has the readibility of a 6 or even less {by experience in Graphic Design I'd say 4}, which is literally insane and unhealthy. I read an already archived thread here on LL about the same problem but no
  8. HP OMEN 17 - i7 of 8th Gen up to 3.4GHz - 16GB RAM - GTX 1070 with 8GB memory - 4K 120Hz at 3840x2160 - 256GB SSD - 2T HHD [ Skyrim set at Ultra High by default ]
  9. Yeah... I found that out and managed to get one it could like... I guess you read that before I could edit it. I just hope the new information I provided is enough and a solution can be found... Update: Ran the game again and two things happened.... the ENB didn't load at all and after playing a couple of minutes, leaving Whiterun, I got this one this time... Actually got it even earlier and I did everything it suggested. Clearly it didn't work. I'm trying to uninstall SweetFX to see if that's the cause but I believe I'm compromisin
  10. Hello folks... I must admit all this makes me feel even more stupid than I am when things get this complicate. I've tried to install and run WinDGB but failed no matter what I've done, which must have been really very very wrong. I couldn't figure out what my problem is so I post the result here as a spoiler. Thanks to whoever is gonna give me a hint about how to move among all those numbers and unknown terms and to find a solution, if not a definitive fix. This is my 3rd week trying to make my game finally run with no hassle anymore, I'm literally
  11. Oh... oh well... what are we supposed to do with the files we are sharing then? I'm trying to figure that out reading the pdf guide but I'm losing myself there... I understood we were supposed to just drag&drop or copy&paste the files in the folder as they are but from what i'm understanding now we are supposed to even go into each rule file and copy&paste the content into "Scent of Sex config"? I'm confused.... if the latter is what we are supposed to do things look like going to get quite complicate indeed... I'm attaching my "Scent of Sex Config" file....
  12. Hi there... CPU... folks... I created a couple of rules but dunno why they didn't work... the game went in some cyclical operation and no action has ever started despite keeping those first rules ever the easier possible [like "excited dogs and wolves meet the horny player and... kaboom!"]. I post'em so eventually somebody can test them and see if and what's really wrong with'em. Oh well... those were my "famous last words"... I went checking the mod's folder for the presets in SKSE and found nothing but what I guess is a main configuration rule called "Scent of Sex Con
  13. You're right... I found the guilty mod, it was quite easy to spot on. The problem was caused by "Pheromones" mod, which spawn creatures, all I had to do was to disable the annoying creatures [all I need are dogs, wolves and bears]. At this point I can probably keep the training as it is and just making myself sure it takes the shorted amount of time and eventually some truly interesting screenshot. I will look for that cumbersome set of commands when necessary. Thanks and compliments again. Cheers... PS: I need a suggestion you can probably give
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