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  1. Unlurking to post the latest mod version with updated Italian translation. Thanks and bye bye! X_Animated_WooHoo_Passion_Ver2.7.2.2.package
  2. And here's the updated Italian translation. Thanks as always for the update (yay, condoms!). I have to admit that I haven't been playing TS3 for a few months and couldn't enjoy the new features yet. X_Animated_WooHoo_Passion_Ver2.7.1.0.package
  3. I don't know what's happening, but the filename ends with .part, and it shouldn't be there if the file were fully downloaded. Also, that's a strange path to save it, imo.
  4. I've finally found time to translate the new options to Italian. X_Animated_WooHoo_Passion_Ver2.6.6.6.package
  5. I would like condoms. I like risky woohoo, but I have to disable pregnancy when my Sims have casual partners.
  6. Did it stop working while loading the game? It that's the case, there' a warning in the thread second post. WARNING! IF YOU DON'T HAVE Roaring Heights AND YOU DON'T INSTALL StoreObjects.package THE GAME WILL CRASH AT LOAD. Please read the ReadThis.pdf of this version update.
  7. I'd like to know if it would be doable to add these features to the mod: 1) Considering the wish "WooHoo with..." as granted by passioning; 2) Making Sims wish to woohoo with someone when their moodlet is "Horny", and/or when they see someone else passioning; 3) Making TS3 and expansions WooHoo-related moodlets ("Stride of Pride", "Walk of Shame", "Public WooHoo" and "Incredible Time") appear after passioning. Thanks.
  8. I'll explain better. I expanded the spoiler, I clicked on a link, Chrome opened a white page saying "Cannot reach website" and at the same time AVG sent a pop-up saying "Blocked malware from Loverslab". Now I've temporary disabled AVG and could download them.
  9. I tried to download the toys, but Chrome couldn't reach the download page and my AVG sent a malware alert. Could you check it? Thanks.
  10. I didn't know that mod exists, thanks for telling me. It does much more things than those I was imagining.
  11. I was wondering if it's possible to add abortion to Passion. Like when your Sims go to the hospital to be cured from STDs, they could also go there to abort (maybe within 24 hours from being notified of pregnancy). There could also be a moodlet related to it (neutral for everybody; positive for Sims with Commitment Issues and Dislikes Children traits; negative for Sims with Family-Oriented and Nurturing traits); or not. But I don't know how much complicated it would be to add it. I was also thinking about miscarriage, but I guess it would me even more complicated.
  12. Latest version with updated Italian translation. Animated_WooHoo_Passion_Ver2.6.6.2.zip
  13. It means that some animation miss a clip. I have the same problem. When I choose "Passion", my Sims just "merge" into one another and stay still, even when changing positions. Also, Solo Passion is not available anymore. Here are the files I installed. In the Library folder: 39-CumShot-Sequences-Superstorm In the Package folder: Animated_WooHoo_Passion_Ver2.6.5.3 cmar_amBottomNudePenis_map2 cmar_MorphingPenisScript_1.63v2 cmar_MorphingPenisVisibleOnlyTuning cmar_XCAS_TattooLocations cmar_XCAS_TuningClothingNaked cmar_XCAS_corefull69.43 cmar_penis_angle_slider cmar_penis_ballheight_
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