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  1. I see, I don't know how to 3D modeling but I know it isn't easy. Very thank your for hard work to bring this awesome MOD! I'll be very patient to wait any tweak in future. 😋
  2. Thanks for your update!! The arm problem is fix. But I run into another problem Orz... Is the right side nipple's (or should say areola) shape is a bit ...strange? Sorry I have so many objections Orz Could you check that? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your update!! I really love this MOD. But I got an issue, I update from old version, after I update, my sim's arm got a strange look(lighting?) like this pic. I'm sure all old files are replaced by new ones.
  4. Love 4 cc finds https://love4sims4.tumblr.com/ I remember this site was stop update in last July, but I accidentally accessed today, it's alive! Maybe it's an old information, but I'm happy to know this site is still alive.
  5. Thanks for replies! I forget to say that I'm base game only, so it's may not be festivals? And situational outfits config I can only change dating one. But I have check other Dresser module configs via computer, seems there is an option that make sims only use saved outfits. (Sorry I'm playing non English version, don't know the name in Eng ) I have play a while, it seems works(?
  6. Hi, I have some problem here. I play multiple families, and already set their outfit one by one. But when I play A family, sometime I see B family people wearing ugly random outfit. Though I swap to B family and change back their outfit, but this time I see A family people wearing ugly random outfit. orz Is there any way to prevent NPC sims wearing outfit randomly? Like any MOD or MCCC? Please help...orz
  7. You have been doing great works : D By the way,I saw a file "catalog N16" on your patron site. Have you make another catalogs like that? That will help a lot, some time I just want to pick up the clothes I want.
  8. Your works is awesome! But like someone have suggested, could you add file or clothes name on the preview pics? It will be huge help if someone want to download specific clothes.
  9. Thanks for you guys' suggestions, it really helps a lot! Thanks Julie J, I like your works! By the way, some of your blog post are missing pics? Thank you CanadianGhost!! Thanks for the detailed reply and tips!
  10. I use Lana CC finds and love 4 cc finds before, but both sites seems stop updating... Any site can replace them? I saw someone recommend Maxis Match CC World and TSR, both are good , is there more? And is there any site contain more NSFW clothes? I mean not only sexy, the real R18 clothes, like see through or showing nipple etc. I know LL already have many modders making good works, just want to find more
  11. Thanks for reply again! Honestly, I know what you are talking about, but I just found that I have a little bit messed up body mesh and texture mods. (When did I install these things?) Well, It can work fine in game though. lol And thanks your tip, I found this. Can work perfectly!
  12. Thanks for reply! These awesome mod actually solve the problem, but... I'm using some non-default skintone mod, they are conflict. Seems the nipple layer is under the skintone layer(?). So I can only use default skintone / use overlay skintone mod, or the nipple changes won't show up. Here is the problem, I think EA default skin color is kind of weird, too yellow. I can't make really "pale" sims. Even I use overlay skintone mod is still not so good. And default skintone recolored mod is harder to find than I think. orz Any way, thanks for
  13. I'm looking for pale skin, but have dark/brown nipple color skintone mods. There are many high quality skintone mod , but they usually don't show nipple color in preview pics. I know it's because of many site rules, so they can't do it. So I want to ask, is there any mod like this?
  14. Thanks for reply! It solve my problem. I didn't notice that MC have that Relationship feature can edit it. orz
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