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  1. In what can only be the fastest time one of these threads have been solved... I forgot to mention I'm using the UNBLEAK ENB. I removed portions of the enb wrapper to ensure it wouldn't load, runs like a dream with no problems. There are times I wish I still drank, this is one of them. Testing to follow to see what broke and what the solve is. For fuck's sake. Edit: Somehow in Mod Organizer's skyrimprefs.ini antialiasing got turned on. Instant fix.
  2. I'm not entirely certain what I broke, but after reinstalling the AIO animated pussy, even starting a fresh save I'm a pair of floating eyes in a blue void. I'm able to finish the character and move around, and there's collision detection as I bump in to things I can't see. Ghosts appear to be loading just fine, somehow. Load order, after running LOOT: Running the latest available versions of SKSE, FNIS, Bodyslide, LOOT as of 05/28/18. Unedited Papyrus Log in text format. Log is also included. I've also attached screenshots. Pictures speak louder than words, and may look familiar to someone. The location is the Live Another Life start cell. Next post I make will either be thanks or a detailed fix. papyrus log.rar
  3. Modding, day 1. I don't know how the journal system here works, so this goes here.


    I cannot believe I had to manually debug the creation kit. A missing H in Hearthfires. Really? Really.

  4. To help others find this with the search function, this post is referencing the sweat effect that uses a cum texture that is applied when you enter the temple of Dibella in Markarth. My original post begins below the line. For reference, most/all mods are installed using Mod Organizer save for those with a structure so messed up it's rendered easier to install them manually. I was always planning on getting in to the modding scene, and troubleshooting seems like as good a start as any. Please, please keep in mind this is not a dig at DeepBlueFrog in any way, shape, or form. I love this mod, both in concept and implementation. I broke something, so now I get to fix it, and I'm documenting the process to help others in the future. Regarding the length of this post, I work troubleshooting in not-to-be-specified tech. Specific, thorough documentation is a lifesaver, occasional lawsuit preventer, and the nicest possible thing you can do for the people who come after you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the risk of asking a question already answered (search turned up little) roughly how long does it take for the sweat effect to cease after turning it off via the flower? Edit1: And now, after attempting the edit mentioned on page 64 or thereabouts with the texture replacement, the woman in the temple lobby has a skin mismatch and purple hair, even after completely scrubbing the mod and reinstalling from the unedited .rar Oh, Beths, how your games break in the weirdest ways. Edit2:This is now a troubleshooting post. The sweat effect seems to fade after waiting a full 24H in-game outside the temple. I will attempt an hour-by-hour wait for more accuracy and report back. I am also reinstalling the All-in-One HDT animated pussy pack ver. 4.0 as it is my body replacer of choice (shouts to HeroedeLeyenda for making such an easy thing for someone new to all this like me, works a treat) as well as my hair replacer (KS Hairdos - HDT) to try and quash the mismatched skin/purple (I.E. no texture present) hair bug. I am also installing The Eyes of Beauty, as well as the Succubus race. This is a bad idea, don't add things in when you're trying to fix things, it only complicates matters. Do as I say, not as I do. Edit3: Installation order for my own reference concerning the aformentioned. 1. SuccRace 2: Hair 3: AIO 4: DibellaCult 5: DibellaSisters Edit4, likely final: Okay, reinstalling and manually overwriting the files for both DibellaCult and DibellaSisters worked. She's got vanilla hair, which I'm looking in to, but. It takes roughly ten in-game hours for it to fade per wait testing. If it's realtime-based, it took roughly sixty to ninety seconds. I started the morning wanting to mess about, and I'm ending it with the creation kit open and a guide on how to make LAL extensions. Weird way to start a modding career. Regardless, if you run in to this issue, here's a solve and how long it takes for the texture to disappear.
  5. That was... really, really fast. Y'all are on the ball and then some, good to see. Much appreciated!
  6. Let's see if this post actually makes it through! Same. Either the website's got a hangover or the webhost has whiskey dick.
  7. Same, it's 502 errors all the way down. IDK if it's because I'm sitting behind a vpn, bad luck, or what, but it's roughly 70% 502s, 30% slow loading but at least it's loading.
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