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  1. what armor mod is this. Its not all separate pieces because i had it before but can't find it again. I know the thong looks like DC sorceress and it probably is but the whole set was one armor mod. The body i used for it was uunp. Maybe someone can link a thong that is similar with cbbe body.
  2. whats the armor used in the 3rd picture with the skull nipple piercings? i had it once but cant find it.
  3. nvm i feel a little dumb but i figured out why. The mod wasn't enabled under plugins in mod organizer.
  4. The piercings show up in outfit studio but don't show up in game using console, additem mod, or in forge. I used the unp version of this mod and they worked perfectly with uunp but now i use cbbe body and use this version and they don't work. I use modorganizer
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