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  1. Should use the parts from the steadfast magnolia companion mod too, most of the gear is either real sexy, heavy weapons or both, lol. here's the link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82251 Your mod would benefit as would the other mod as well as the parts can be tough to work with as they go in really random slots, granted most of the weapons are kinda OP but I'm confident with some some work it can be fixed, assuming you can get permission of course. actually just checked his other mods, some of those parts might work too, though some are stupid huge, but its your mod that adding t
  2. What about simply releasing it as a semi-unfinished race mod, then hunt around for someone else to finish the mechanics, alternately, replace teh mechanics with the succubus mod stuff.
  3. Ebony something, had 3 body sections, feminized ebony arms and legs, and this was one of them, another was an open catsuit for teh body.
  4. Where do you find the items? Also the link to the original post is dead. The whole site is gone or the link itself is bad.
  5. those comics are pretty funny but the gory stuff is overdone. for the faces that are not effed up someway, they do look pretty dang funny.
  6. For me, the spiders i find in places (shor's stone mine is a good one) i get wrapped up in the webs, but i never get transported to the cave, i use the sanguine's mod thing with teh bandits and spriggans as well, and a ton of armor mods my current race the the celestial race, but i cant get sent to the cave, and i dont know where it is. also can someonr make a video with the whole deal in it? i wanna see it.
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