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  1. Lordescobar's Moddable Piercings (for CBBE)

    Adds moddable piercings to Fallout 4. You can configure all piercings independent from each other. There are several piercing and material mods to choose from, in total there are over 100 possible combinations.

    The newest version now solely depends on Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR). The armor slot has been changed to 58 to conform to AWKCR's slot usage recommendations. Naval and vaginal piercings have been added. The bell piercings make sounds when you run/sprint and you may also be detected more easily by enemies when you wear them.
    This will probably be the final version, I have currently no plans to expand this mod.
    The piercings base object can be crafted at AWKCR's armor crafting workbench (under Accessoirs). Then you need to configure the piercing at an armor mod workbench. Without any attached piercing and material mods, you will see nothing when you equip the piercings! Also don't forget to use BodySlide to conform the piercings to your body preset.
    Piercing with mod slots:
    Left Nipple Piercing Left Nipple Material Left Nipple material 2 Right Nipple Piercing Right Nipple Material Right Nipple Material 2 Nipple Chain Navel Piercing Navel Material Navel Material 2 Clit Piercing Clit Material Clit Material 2 Labia Piercing Labia Material Labia Material 2


    Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)


    Known issues:
    The meshes are twisted (if you look closely with NifSkope or Outfit Studio then you will notice that the spheres are not completely round). I think that this is caused by poor precision of the new half-floats. No solution yet. (Newest BodySlide versions allow to use full floats) With some underarmor clothing (tested with the Raider harness & top-less re-texture) the piercings are floating in the air in front of the breasts. This is caused because some underarmor clothings scale some bones to move away armor parts from the body to make place for the clothing. Hopefully there is some flag somewhere in the still-to-decode data that turns this off for selected shapes. This may cause huge problems for a lot of outfit mods. No solutions yet. (Not anymore since v0.3)


    I am a complete noob when it comes to 3D modelling. I have a programming background and know the theoretical and mathematical background of 3D modelling, but have absolutely no experience. Therefore I may produce complete bullshit, and will give absolutely no support for said bullshit.
    Feel free to do with the meshes and textures whatever you want as long as you credit me.



  2. SexLab Nude Creatures

    SexLab Nude Creatures

    Starting with version 3.4 SLNC will now only be distributed as part of MNC to avoid confusion. Creature Framework RC11 now also provides some means to configure it with json files. Because of this SLNC looses its last unique feature and the only thing that's left are some esps with armor records and some json config files. To the best of my knowledge MNC is the only mod that utilizes those records and therefore I decided to cease releasing SLNC as separate mod. For people that refrained from using MNC because of DB and DG dependencies MNC now comes with a fomod installer that allows to install only the parts of MNC that have no dependency to DB and DG.




  3. SlaveTats - CBBE Body Options

    This is a tattoo pack for SlaveTats containing the pubic hairstyles and dirt textures from CBBE Body Options. I did not change the textures in any way, just converted them to dds and packaged them for SlaveTats.
    Install with mod manager or copy the textures folder into {SkyrimDir}\Data.


    What's included
    All pubic hairstyles and dirt textures from Body Options. Don't want to list them all, you have to find out of your own .


    murfk for SlaveTats SvarogNL for Body Options



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