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  1. Well, the tools are out there, but they remain in command line only. Just search DSCS tools for them.
  2. Can't complain about someone wanting to put food on the table and have something over their head.
  3. Well, the desire to eat and the need for shelter would led to those things. To quote the Joker, "if you're good at something, never do it for free."
  4. I see the bustups are being handled. I would love to start on models, but the tool is giving me no end of troubles.
  5. I have extracted the portraits from the game, but I have no artistic value whatsoever. So, I'm looking for willing people that can edit the portraits. Edit: If anyone DOES decide to pick this up, I'll leave the portraits here. Have fun with 'em. Awakening_Portraits.zip
  6. The Amicita tool from Shrine Fox can read and export them. Noesis can change them to .fbx so blender can read them.
  7. Someone has also placed a request down. Hope something comes out of it.
  8. Now, If I could find some mods for SuperDimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls.
  9. I haven't seen any mods like this until now. Thank you for existing
  10. Will there be any updates to this?
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