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  1. Tested Slaverun Reloaded. So far so good. Pretty much stable Only problem I met so far is if player behaves feisty in the dialogue after first falmer / troll training (for another round), the sex scene does not start.
  2. Excellent idea! and I tried it out.... Tried it out on a new game without any mods installed but this. So far i only encountered comments from bandits. And even these were only shown half a second. Not enough time to read. Yeah, general subtitles are on.... Anything more i have to do for being able to reading these comments?
  3. First time i played Slaverun. Works good for me and I like it so far. The quests are very well done. A slower pace of the towns enslavement (well - I mean its female inhabitants nudity and slavery) could give this mod more credibility. Maybe the player could play an important part in this. Probably not very "compatible" with frostfall which I will have in my next playthrough again. Anyway, I'm looking forward for new content. Thanks
  4. Thx dechurch... You made some things I wanted to say with my post more clear (= better english) Fiala = Fiana (typing error) The orc rape: after the animation and when you are near the orc the dialog opens again (the same dialog) for the next rape. Again and again. I think, dechurch and I have almost the same problems concerning your mod. Item for blocking magic: I did never make one on myself, but I think it should be easly possible with creation kit.
  5. Hi Delzaron Started your mod again: - Passing the wardrobe in the inn is still not possible without console command. - Fiala did not appear this time for the hint finding the entrance to the cave. - Ceremony worked this time. - After the "dream" and imprisonement my PC got raped by the female orc non stop. Here I stopped playing. I did not manually change the quest stage. Some improvement propositions from my side: When falling in the cave-hole. I could attack Artharak with magic. Maybe the PC should wear then some cuffs with 0 magic regeneration and magicka set to 0. I'm using ELFX (Enhancer): Maybe some good placed lightsources could enhance the player experience. Looking forward to this mod
  6. Hi Delzaron In reply to your answer ... - I talked to Nar So Ram! I started also a new game - twice. Could not pass the collision marker - I pressed T - several times. But scene did not advance. I also waited several real minutes. 5 NPC came one by one. There were also 2 lurkers at the entrance, but then nothing happened. - As dechurch already stated: Something is wrong with Zarok. I had exactly the same experience like dechurch for the investigation.
  7. Hi there First, thanks for your contribution. The story in FTD seems to be very thrilling. Now to the major bugs: - In chapter 1: I can't come across the wardrobe in the inn. I had to cheat with toggle collision off. - In chapter 2: When the ceremony should begin (hanging on the cross) nothing happens. Scene with the lurkers does not start. The minor bugs (or is that intended working that way?): - Investigation makes progress, although no resident in solitude can give me any hint. - Lurkers are invisible. Even that one in the inn in the cellar, behind some barrels. Thx so far and hoping for new (bugfree) content
  8. Curious, why should hairstyles from Apachii break the "lore" of Skyrim. I don't recall anything the the lore pages talking about what is or is not considered normal or acceptable in the area of hairstyles so it makes me wonder why you would consider a hairstyle are being lore-breaking. Maybe "lore" is not the correct word (because my firstlanguage is not english) - So tell me what would be the correct one... But for me most hairstyles of apachii look like more of modern hairstyles, like those on cover magazines: glossy, fresh washed and so on. I prefer the vanilla ones. And vanilla game is rough and dirty (p.e. the original male skin texture is dirty). Well, let's call it personal taste (as many things are personal taste). However, the dependency is no big issue for me, but if no dependency to apachii hair exists, i'd have one less loaded .esm EDIT: lore seems to have something to do with content / history / mythology. I think I meant more of somehting like "vanilla-art-design"
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