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  1. Since pretty much all the sounds in this mod has levels set WAY too high and can practically pierce your eardrums if you have headphones on... I swear, my ears are still ringing from that fucking whistle, thanks 😠 I made a quick and dirty patch for the sounds and just took dB down 20-30, crazy how I could take so much off and some of the sounds were still loud, that's def some possible hearing damage waiting to happen, lol I also swapped out the horrible sex sounds, they might not fit for belt, I will search for better ones sometime. Also replaced the bad pee sounds, they needed to go. Sounds might be too low for some of you, like I said I just did temp reduction so the mod is playable for me, might take time to do a more careful pass and find better sounds sometime. Naked Defeat Sound Replace.7z
  2. I meant that the status of pregnancy or inflation would remove ab muscles... So females are not 9 months pregnant and have shredded abs.
  3. If this is ever made to work with cum inflation and pregnancy mods, it will become an instant must have. Great mod!
  4. Great, I see SkyDraenei Race mods, I upvote automatically, can't wait to see where it all goes. Do you think we might see PC Vampire lord mods / vampire mods / werewolf mods which use SkyDraenei some day? Or is it wholely incompatible? Tyty for the drop!
  5. @factoryclose Have always loved the changes you've made to this mod, it just keeps getting better and better, thank you Two requests for consideration should you ever be interested: Under Player As Victim -> Strip Options: Could you add more lines here so more pieces can be configured to strip? Right now, Defeat returns stripped items to the player when a scene ends, would it be possible to have an option to prevent that? So you have to retrieve the items yourself from the ground no matter what (even if the player is teleported, you would have to find the site and pick them up) Thanks! Keep doing what you do!
  6. Excellent, tyty! Add in creature births that grow into pets and is 100/100!
  7. I was searching for this as well, it is labeled as Working though, does this mean work in progress and unreleased? Anyone? thanks!
  8. This is great, def activating on next new game, thanks! I'm looking forward to see all the optimizations SPID can give us. Hopefully Baka or someone uses SPID if possible to optimize SLA, and any other mods that could benefit. The ones that come to mind first are SLS, Creature Framework, and Sexlab itself. SPID and mods that enhance the core engine like it are good to see taking off, exciting times for Skyrim modding for the past year and feels like things are still picking up steam.
  9. Love the things this mod promises to add, look forward to more features being patched in all the time 2 little things, sorry if they've been asked before... Sunhelm is an awesome survival mod, it seems to have a much smaller impact on performance in my game and is pretty popular... Integrating with that for SE would be 10/10 The hotkey to show status, would it be possible to have it (aside from working alongside Frostfall or Sunhelm's notification icons) work similar to status updates in Frostfall / Sunhelm where pressing the button prints the status directly to the debug notification corner instead of a popup? Bonus points if the notifications are in a JSON and easy for user to edit, similar to what that amazing Whorecrux mod does
  10. I'm curious if this could be used to streamline the mod and improve performance? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/36869 SLS seems busy with perks, spell effects, and item distribution. Seems to perform really well for all it does, but just wondered if that might make it easier to maintain?
  11. Ahh ya... I do have lanterns of skyrim installed, maybe it is messing up navmesh, I will investigate that. And not sur on the ZAP thing, I know Baka mods alter a couple ZAP assets, I will look into that as well. Will def give the mod a try again sometime when I am testing new saves. Once MCM Helper takes off (pleeeeease take off, lol)... I won't mind starting new saves as much because I won't have to waste 1-2 hours setting up MCMs, lol.
  12. Maybe when Nemesis gets its creature behavior update a proper mod for alternative mounts will be more feasible.
  13. Has there ever been a good creature mount mod released? Acquiring dire wolf mounts (and similar) through that SLS mechanic would be great... But I do not believe there is a really stable mod out there for it. I know DC was experimenting with it for their sequel to Untamed, with updated mount animations and everything, but iirc hit some roadbumps in development and it either stalled out or real life got busy and mods kinda on backburner for now.
  14. Lol I don't know how. We should bring in all the admins and moderators to have a sidebar on this problem. We'll call it, "The Sheldon Cooper Gif Conundrum". Update: I did wrap it in spoiler tags for you, I do what I can.
  15. Wow awesome! Congrats on releasing this SkyLover! This mod's spirit animal:
  16. Tested it out, had a couple issues in my game. FYI I have Toys installed, DD is listed as incompatible, which I do not have, but was wondering if Toys had any conflicts. Anyway, the bugs I ran into: textures worked fine on most bondage, but the iron leg cuffs were purple with no texture loading AI march hit an obsticle on the way to gallows and locked up for about 1-2min before proceeding. I have no mesh or navmesh edits in windhelm besides SMIM the camera completely wigged out once the PC was in her noose. Pretty much any time I run into animations (Komator was the worst at this, was unbearable) that take control of the camera, it breaks the camera. For the record, I am using Smoothcam, so possibly just an incompatibility issue with that mod the animations on gallows did not work, PC just stood there. The trap door tripped though, and the NPC dialog worked. The PC just stood there the whole time though. Didn't see any conflicts in MO2, def something in my load order does not like this though. I'll try it again some other time though, looks interesting. Thanks!
  17. Has anyone used poses from this mod to replace animations used in Dirt and Blood for bathing? They don't have to be perfect, just passable, been looking around for a gallery with previews for each pose but had no luck. Tyty
  18. Peril dialed up to 10 in every aspect of the game is ideal... Especially when it includes escapes and deus ex machina, look forward to this expanding more and more with scenarios and locations.
  19. This would be an excellent addon for Apropos 2 imo.
  20. An amusing fetish, no kink shaming! It's like a flacid alternative to futa, lol. Notable examples with good wtf confused fap potential, lol https://nhentai.net/g/181934/ https://nhentai.net/g/231890/ https://nhentai.net/g/326031/ https://e-hentai.org/s/b4c7dace19/907920-1
  21. great animations, they only seem to play for a few seconds on player, are there any settings in the MCM that make the PC invite play until interupted? thanks!
  22. Are there any stagger animation replacers floating around on LL, Nexus or elsewhere? I like the stagger features SLS and a couple other mods add in but the animation doesn't mix so well, ty.
  23. I like the thought of simplifying this too, whatever makes it easier for you tbh. The idea of this mod enhancing MME in various ways to make that mod more interesting is very appealing, I think the basic loop for MME needs a complimentary mod to fill in gaps. Your comment about limiting outfits caught my eye. If MA simply prevented equipping armors not given a certain keyword, or steered the player into picking certain outfits, that would be interesting. Another feature that would be nice that could use those same keywords (if keywords is how you planned to do it) would be adding some dialog conditions to SLS guards, and other NPCs who comment on clothes being way too small, or the PC spilling out of her top, and offering assistance curing that, sparked by armor keywords vs. MME capacity. It's too bad about breaking, but understandable. I'd rather mods not bother with bug prone features when they can avoid it, and instead focus on adding smoother elements that are gratifying to see randomly pop in from time to time, instead of some dynamic sandbox feature that causes more trouble than it is worth. Lots of mods are embracing some of the additional keywords added by SLS and SLA-BE, before long Im going to have to really tear into my load order and carefully apply keywords and leveled lists to suit this trend.
  24. Only thing possibly overwriting it was Sexlab, I thought maybe there was a beta for LE Sexlab floating around I was unaware of but couldn't find anything. I tried both SL overwriting and with PapyrusUtil winning conflict with same results (actually not letting SL win the conflict led to a lot more errors). *shrug* Got it to work though and converted to SE so my stay in LE land was no longer than it had to be, lol. LE is an abandoned place on my hard drives we do not speak of anymore.
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