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  1. Please don't be rude. Some of us have a hard time processing information.
  2. Does kinkyworld have it's own animations? or is it just the base mod?
  3. Archaeologists debate continuously about the exact reason why this structure was built. From sacrifice, worshiping their gods, to an ancient prince or king buried within it's walls. (I've edited this so much, but I think I'm finally happy with it). Sim can woohoo inside/outside. Requires: Base Game, Supernatural, Pets, Late Night, World Adventures, Generations and ambitions. I also have soothsayers's crystal ball, soothsayer's seat soother chair, and lord Vladimir's magic cauldron. The pics attached are of a sim I made woohooing an npc and two np
  4. Hey there! I have some screenshots to share! I was playing in Barnacle Bay and decided to play with the Caliente family. I gave Nina and Dina a slight makeover after I set up kinkyworld. I had Dina snag a rich man while I had Nina go out on the town as a whore (...since she was a romance aspiration sim in the sims 2).
  5. Hey there! I have some screenshots to share! I was playing in Barnacle Bay and decided to play with the Caliente family. I gave Nina and Dina a slight makeover after I set up kinkyworld. I had Dina snag a rich man while I had Nina go out on the town as a whore (...since she was a romance aspiration sim in the sims 2).
  6. I'm finding an unfortunate lack of lesbian animations for my sims. Can anyone recommend some animations?
  7. I only really had the option to grope when my sims were on a nudist venue 😅
  8. I referring to my edited version of dragon valley and the sims in the town that I've edited. Is it possible for me to share it. I'll base game skins and objects and maybe some store content...I'll try to keep it to a minimum so that even can use it, but still have my own flair to the town. I only want to place down a few lots, but I always have script error messages that clogged up my game. I often get "unroutable sim found" (Did I even spell that right?) sims found messages. As for the edited households and customized venues, doesn't that seem a little tedious as well
  9. Hey there!

    If you don't mind me asking, what skins do you use for your sims?


    1. landess


      I've been 'collecting' them over the years sort'a. When I first started modding the Sims 3 I would grab just about anything, and eventually got to the point where I've so much it's important to ONLY use what I really WILL use. 


      As far as skins go I have a default replacer which added texture to the male penis based on the default EA skin. Nothing special here, but it was a safe install. I added another called 'EA details' which allows me to have penis texture when using KinkyWorld to make a futa/ladyboy. At this time this is the only skin I have which shows a penis texture for 'females'. This is something I've been trying to address, with no luck yet.


      After trying to make more wolf-like werewolves I grabbed some skins to help here and began to learn about/find all kinds of skin textures. Depending on the Sim, I have many options to choose from but in general, try to keep the skin choices somewhat 'world-based. Some worlds get everything (my Island of misfit Sims) while others only get the most realistic (Los Aniegos).


      I sat here trying to remember all the 'authors/names' of skins I have, and after about 4 or five I decided it may be better to just open my recent archive, and send them to you. It won't be 'all' but most likely anything you've seen.


















      navetsea F-IN TS3 Adult Hairy4 nondefault.package



      navetsea F-IN TS3 MTSv nondefault.package



      navetsea F-IN TS3 MTSv nondefault.package






      At around 360 MB - I'll leave these files for you to download for a week or so, then I'll remove them to save 'upload' space. These are the bulk of what you've seen minus a few 'specialty skins'.


      I've edited the post to reflect the items that are/were here for the sake of continuity. Once removed anyone interested in the item 'referenced' may contact me.

    2. landess


      Ok, that was longer than a week, and there have been more than one download each, so if needed again, just ask.

    3. msoriginaljester


      Thank you very much! 

  10. 🤣😂😂 Not only is it the sims, but I also change the Tavern and Pub into a dive bar and local watering hole, I add Supernatural, Pets, and other expansion pack items, I turn sims into occult sims, and then I need to edit the sims so that're not all blue/ yellow/ green/ pink. I usually just save my game the way I like it, but then I have no idea where to go from there. I'm pretty new at sharing content, so I appreciate you patience.
  11. I love playing in Dragon Valley when I play the sims, but I constantly need to edit the world and the sims to fit my play style. This can be quite tedious. I was wondering if anyone knew a dragon valley redux/ fixed version of dragon valley. I tried brntwaffles version, but it seriously messed up my game and i needed to reinstall it. Or if anyone knows a way to upload a dragon valley world that I've already edited, then that would be great
  12. I've only ever encountered the "grope" interaction when the targeted sim is naked. I'm not sure about the pole dancing animations, maybe try leveling up exhibitionism?
  13. I made a sim named Meredith Sykes. I was going for a punk-y girl vibe since I almost never make those in the sims 3.
  14. View File Delicious Delights.Sims3Pack Delicious Delights.Sims3Pack Sorry about the name, but I couldn't decide what to call it. I created a 40 x 40 lot deigned to be a brothel for Kinkyworld users and MaryJane animation users (I made it in Moonlight Falls). I used Late Night, World Adventures, Supernatural, the base game, and some free sims 3 items. I tried to keep the expansion packs to a minimum so more people could enjoy not needing to build their own 😆😀 I forgot to take screenshots of the basement area, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.
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