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  1. Sound linke you have more than 255 active plugins. Uninstall and/or deactive some mod.
  2. Can someone help me with that? I take some outfit from skyrim romance mod to make a separate dress mod. It contains 11 dress with similar meshes and different textures. The texture looks totally ok in Outfit Studio and Creation Kit. But ingame when I equip it only has 1 texture. https://mega.nz/#!CeBhxY5R!9f0HA6VMq-koxod9ohSHHmmjZc4Ajvh2lXhCpJQffEI
  3. We are all hyped for your animations. But, uhm, could you please make a separated thread to post that? It's sex screenshots thread and about lastest 10 pages I see full of character showing and disscussion about your animations. Other people posting normal sex screenshots are hard to have attention here now. Plus, a separate thread is easier for finding and downloading your animations.
  4. The shirt in second picture is in gomapreo's mini bikini tatest update.
  5. What outfit is that? I'm looking for the white clothing Can't ask the author of the picture. First time I think it's goma robes retexture but it isn't.
  6. So now "Post your sex screenshot" topic is full of character showing and "Show your skyrim counter part" topic starts containing sex screenshots :D?
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