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  1. I think you got your quotes mixed up there, bud. lol.. I haven't the slightest context clue what Slave Run or SD (Sanguines Debauchery?) are about. My Skyrim is really tough.. you'd think that I was some kind of masochist. Even at level 81.. I go broke and die regularly. Just about every mod that's come out that punishes the player, rather it be my reputation, physically, financially or spiritually, I have installed. I've been playing this same save for quite a while now and it's been great to come from fearing what lies ahead to "the one who knocks". But anyway, at level 81 I'm a God to a single guard.. sure..... thus it's really hard for me to suspend my disbelief that a guard or two or three can have their way with me. And no, I'm not asking you to nerf ur mod for little ol' me. But I do think there is room to make it more interesting by giving players and NPCs choices based on the PCs renown, level, night/day, finances, guild affiliation, etc, because auto, samey or binary consequences work for so few playstyles. For instance.. instead of a few guards entering into my house to evict 81-leveled me butt naked.. why not send in the calvary? or Farengar if I'm in Whiterun.. A mage arresting me over a guard or two is more plausible. Maybe instead of strength.. they show a more measured approach.. "Your bounty is high and we're gonna have to evict you but since you vanquished all vampires/are a member of the Companions/can kill us all, we ask that you vacate the premises, dignity intact, until rent/bounty is paid. Fear can be fun to. Imagine instead of a brave guard.. there is a note slipped under your door by a coward guard, pleading for you to pay your bounty! lol How badass that would feel Add the same oppressive, cautious and dreadful context to licences and tolls and BOOM-- This mod transcends being another rapey, money sink mod into something that immersion scientist would approve of
  2. I long to be the pathetic wretch that is early game.. but I think progression is important.. One day you're pushed around, harassed. Blowing your aggressors to survive or for a pair of shoes or whatever. As time goes on however.. you get stronger and richer.. well before level 30. I think it would only make sense for that to be reflected with NPCs disposition towards you. You don't expect Maven Blackbriar to suck some rando guy's cock to leave a city.. Why should someone with wealth and power adjacent to hers have to? lol
  3. But I don't blow guards.. especially in the streets! What kind of a whore do you take me for sir? lol.. I'm the Hero of the Imperials and Savior of Skyrim. I get getting evicted for having a high bounty.. But I'm like level 81 in-game.. Superman basically. Guards should fear putting cuffs on me let alone humiliating me
  4. You think swords didn't need resharpening or shields and armor didn't break in real life? Lol
  5. Actually.. It doesn't seem to happen anymore on newer versions of MWA. Nevermind mind me 😄
  6. Hey Monoman.. have you considered adding any compatibility support Deadly Mutilation users?
  7. What are the additional fixes included in "Defeat v5.3.5 fixed - Eng 180903 Bane Version Defeat v535 Fixed 030918 (+Bane fixes v2) (+ restored all rest eng strings 24.09.2018)"
  8. I love that!! You should have her pressing her feet or a foot onto the side of her face
  9. Okay.. that makes more sense. A simple fix could be a notification implying that you were just drugged. Tho, I would rather have the ability to fight back somewhat Edit.. I greater fix would be a hotkey that makes your character scream out "RAPE!" so that any potential crime stoppers can invtervene. lol
  10. Also getting approached when I'm sleep frequently which works perfect with a fuck buddy follower or a rapist.. But I don't think the rapist reads the room before he attempts his rapes because twice now I've been approached by one of these assholes while in the middle of kissing/ending a date.
  11. Hmmm.. I get yelled at, auto-raped and robbed every time I refuse to comply to a would be rapist or burglar. Also.. Doesn't feel right getting yelled at and auto-raped by low level NPCs when I'm like level 60 with full health and everything. I don't mind the yelling.. But I can't imagine being Sven's bitch!? Lol like not ever.
  12. But that's unimmersive lol. My ex would always try to bang me in places where we had no business banging. And when we would, it was the most thrilling sex I've ever had. Spontaneous sex is the best sex 👄 and it's how I roleplay having it in Skyrim the majority of the time. I understand potential combatants isn't the same as nosy theatre patrons.. but what about in zones where the threat of hostility is lessened like towns, cleared dungeons cells, guild halls or just in the middle of nowhere where nothing is happening? Surely getting off would make sense in those scenarios. But if somehow combat was to happen upon two (or more) people getting it on.. How does this not tie perfectly into the more nefarious features of your mod? Getting robbed.. Getting raped.. Becoming a slave.. Me personally, I'm in love with the imagery of fighting off bad guys who've come at the most inopportune moments.. all while ass naked. 😂
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