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  1. Simple question. I use Start Me Up which changes the beginning and location of the game with potential multiple locations. Will this be an issue for Ivy?
  2. Thanks I restarted my game after doing a major saves purge then started the Riften quest before helping Shadr, that did the trick. Thanks guys! BTW I enjoyed killing Arin, he's a creep!
  3. First this mod is working very well and is quite a piece of work, nice editing on the audio!! I'm having a bit of an issue with Sapphire, I completed the quest with the money owed to her and haven't seen her since. From the location of her marker she appears to be in the Thieves Guild area I can't access because I haven't joined. One note I do have the destroy the thieves guild mod but haven't started it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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