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  1. NOTICE! Hey everyone, sorry I've been inactive for such a long time. I'm just popping in to say that I am no longer updating this thread because my interest in The Sims 4 died a long time ago. I'm happy that this thread has helped a lot of people when starting out, but if anyone is willing to takeover then by all means go ahead. Mods may close this thread if they desire.
  2. hi! i know you discontinue your rigged underwear mod but do you have a working download link at least? i just want it in my game :) 

  3. @TheAfterLife I've mostly just been lurking. Haha. Thanks! Hope it lives up to the expectations!
  4. Thanks @Zheur ! Still got a few things to work out, but it's coming along!
  5. @wild_guy Oh. I don't know how I managed to look over those things. Thanks, I've fixed it! @doxian Added! ?
  6. Glad to see my efforts have paid off! You're welcome. ? Glad to be of help to any newcomers or just make it easier to find what you're looking for! I do apologize once again for abandoning this thread for so long! No problem! The thread has indeed been pinned, back when this was in the regular Sims 4 download section. Also, thank you for pointing that out! I've fixed it. ?
  7. @wild_guy Thanks! I spent a minute on it. Haha! I'll get your clothing items added soon! ?
  8. Thank you all for your interest in this mod, I'm somewhat surprised because I believed it had been forgotten long-ago. Haha! Unfortunately yes... I discontinued this mod (yet again). Because of lack of interest/and just general difficulty using the mesh itself. However, it will not be my last project in The Sims 4. I have something planned that I hope to release within the next month or so! Just have to get the green-light! ?
  9. NOTICE! Hey everyone! Sorry for being gone for so long. I'm currently in the process of giving the OP an overhaul of sorts. I apologize if things are missing at the moment, they will slowly get re-added to the list again within the next few days.
  10. That's crazy good Mike! I don't really use Basemental Drugs, but that's really fluid and life-like.
  11. Ah yes, sorry about that. It was my own file but I discontinued it because of the difficulty in working with it. You can still find it on my blog, but there really isn't much to it.
  12. Update (5/7/2018): Sorry for the delay. I think it's best to update this thread when there's a good amount of content to add/update. Thanks for the links everyone!
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