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  1. tell me more details about ur other mods plz, maybe there is a conflict
  2. Did u check the options setting of Paradox Launcher which u used to start the game? Did u set the game setting of mod available?If u like, u can send me message for further details. snapshot or something
  3. I truly appreciate their working. But i think we got a different idea about pornographic mod. Like i said, I am doing this mod because I think there is no much way to do the 3D edit on sex right now. Meanwhile, most of them (Carnalitas) have a future plan on 3d modeling. That is why i did not add mine into their project, i dont want to disturb they plan, u know, if their 3D modelling works, there is no need for mine pornographic-picture-driving mod, right?
  4. send me message for more details, snapshot better. And tell me whether or not you have other mods.
  5. Are u sure you enabled the mod? Can you utilize the action called 'sexual harassment' towards female character( assumed u r male)?
  6. Did you set Options for mod available before? I mean at Launcher.
  7. I get it, this is your first mod right? Then, open your launcher and go down. There is a place called 'Mod' then........OK just I put other tutorial here: "In your CK3 launcher go to Mods > Manage Mods > Add More Mods (in bottom right corner) > Select this mod and add it." and then "Restart your launcher if it doesn't show up in the list when you try to add it."
  8. Ok try this. You should have two files, one is a document file, the other is a ".mod" file. Put these two things under the C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Then, if this is not your first time to add mod, your Paradox Launcher should automatically scan this mod when you start it.
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