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  1. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61140?tab=description
  2. I understand perfectly, I know that it is a more personal matter, than anything else. I have avoided SLA Aroused, because I am not interested in the proposition to sexualize more Skyrim, but that it is only the effect of SL Defeat. Not seeing it in the list of requirements, I believed that this new version would continue along the same line of independence as the previous one. It is just a matter of taste, nothing serious. I'll stick with version 1.3 for now. Let's see what the future holds, my friend. Cheers.
  3. I know I am annoyed with this... but again it is the sexlab Aroused is necessary, something that in the previous version you had corrected... after I told you, I do not mean to be disrespectful, could you make a version without this requirement, please.
  4. SLNC, Sex Lab Nude Creature, is part of MoreNastyCritters. Try reinstalling it, or installing the scripts manually... needless to say, make a backup.
  5. I love your work, my friend, would it be possible in a next update, that the animations that contain external elements such as tables or torture items, are separated both in humans and in creatures?
  6. You were right, everything works perfectly... now I have to leave you, I have to give a bath to a very violent Nord girl. Thank you my friend.
  7. Monoman, after several tests with the Bathing In Skyrim mod (your version, of course) there is a compatibility problem with Fill Her Up Baka Edition, I say this because it is the only one related to the same theme of "fluids". With the new version of Sexlab - Cum Overlays, there are no problems in coexistence with FHU BE. With the installation of BIS the only way in which I was able to make the dirt appear in my character is by not installing the optional script. I do not have technical knowledge to know if BIS is the "problem". All this I learned from trial and error.
  8. It will be what I do then, thank you very much my friend.
  9. BakaFactory, you don't think it would be the right time to implement a Creature Genital Activator... Baka Edition ?. An .esp that takes out the genitals of the creatures, so that it uses your animations and many others, and that the SexLab Framework does the rest. I asked you this in the past and your answer filled me with joy, seeing that you were considering it. And seeing the effectiveness of this mod, even in its original version, I think a CGA Baka Edition would be the best.
  10. So that was the catch... no, I never used Fill Her Up. I'm not interested in Sexlab Aroused Redux and the Zaz Animation Pack, that's why I use this version. Thank you my friend.
  11. Now it works, brilliant, just brilliant. I had to reveal secrets in the settings, but it works. The only thing is the animation of fluid removal. It is not clear to me how it works, until it works with the assigned button pressing several times. Maybe an adjustment to make this animation... more fluid?
  12. Sorry, I did not express myself correctly, I was referring to the Sexlab Aroused Redux and the Zaz Animation Pack. Obviously the SexLab - Sex Animation Framework, is essential.
  13. Could you make, if possible, of course, a version that does not depend on sexlab aroused and Zaz Animation Pack as masters?
  14. In the bodyslide, replace the body of the armor, by the naked body (female 0 and 1) where the genital functions are active. Delete the body of the armor and import the female 1 in the 1, and the 0 in the 0 of the armor.
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