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  1. u dont have to enable it
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSRb9py9QnoaVk2uc3x9S-GiLQsqVMxWlRBX73oIYQ5IBKZAG8tyzvK2PLXxphndwey7R_iwtKUlUkx/pubhtml try this
  3. all submods are outdated, including menstruation
  4. Nice mod, here is a new one that came a few days ago https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2654432921&searchtext= Can work nicely with rjw 4.9 i guess
  5. Well im playing it for a save for 2 years now. I realized that zoophilia is so much more common now. And they can get pregnant so much easier. In previous ones like 4.8, they barely got pregnant. That's all i noticed so far without using any submods. Can't wait for the full release
  6. i dont want animals to impregnate the humans, which option should i disable? it is like in the pic rn
  7. idk what's wrong with rjw but your load order is not healthy
  8. rjw addon menstruation? i guess
  9. thanks man, rjw 1.9 and it's new submods will be better than ever!
  10. i wouldnt dare to go too far but the npc mod and the superb survivors or even the next builds can be our answer. no game can escape the power of lewd. pj will get it's turn too
  11. hey it's so exciting to see the new update you are showing! I can't feel any diffirence from the previous builds, can you simply tell us about what it does in the long run?
  12. So confusing, Well done
  13. Go to DEV mode and look for add hediff remove hediff. Then remove the udder and then select udders, click on pawn, selecek chest. And there you go
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