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    Yes. I am female people. If you have a problem with what I look like, don't look at me then. However, fun facts. A) I am over 6 feet tall. B) I weigh under 150 pounds. C) I love metal. D) I am addicted to porn. Have fun with those thoughts. Currently, ripped apart.

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  1. Zombified

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    WARNING: CONTAINS FUTA CONTENT!!!!!!! Now that is out of the way. It's been a while since I have contributed any screenshots. So I thought I'd add a few I pulled a while back. Also has first person shots. ;o Third Person: First Person: Other Character Screenies: Don't fap too hard now! ;o
  2. Zombified

    No scenes triggered.

    You should be able to configure those mods via MCM. As for animations, if you are going for separate SLAL packs, SL_Animloader is a very good idea. A lot of those mods require it if you do use SLAL.
  3. Zombified

    No scenes triggered.

    Okay darling. Sexlab itself was coded to have a certain amount of animations it's registry can have. FNIS by itself, without the XXL version can only see roughly 8k animations before it pops the too many animation error. FNIS XXL can generate up to 20,0000, however, on my rig I can only go up to about 14,200 before experiencing a CTD upon load. 13,200 I am somewhat stable with CTD's in high animated environments. My suggestion, you could go up to about 10k, but try not to go higher than that. However, unless you are running every SLAL pack and what not on Loverslab, you shouldn't be pushing past 10k.
  4. Zombified

    No scenes triggered.

    Okay. So standard FNIS only uses up to 8,000 animations. FNIS-XXL will allow you to go over 8,000 animations. WARNING: IF you want more animations that goes over 8,000, FNIS_XXL is only stable up to a certain point. Depending on your rig, somewhere between 12,000-14,000 animations and you will crash or have extremely long loading screens. I would not advise you to do this.
  5. No. However, if you go to the beginning page of this thread, you can find the original files. I modified them to my liking and due to consent, I do not have it to re-upload.
  6. So I rebuilt my character again........Yes..........again. Bigger booty and different colors.
  7. Zombified

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Alright, took some more screenshots. Not so much sex, but definitely sexual poses. ;o Warning: Booty might break your computer. Also, futa content. Peek-a-boo Dat booty though. xD
  8. It's the SOS Futa Piercing Test. It can be found here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/53953-futa-content-thread-futa-news-and-more-12617-update/?page=22&tab=comments#comment-1505634 Warning: I modified one of the piercings for it to look like that.
  9. So I added a few new things to this character. I changed up the nipple color, hair style. Added pubic hair and the penis attachments. :3 Upped the breast size. Butt hasn't changed.
  10. I need to stick to one Skyrim character. I swear I change what my character looks like all the time. xD
  11. Zombified

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    New Skyrim Screenies. "Screenshots depict before taboo subjects, if you do not like anything taboo, please do not open the spoilers and move along." Says the Stormtrooper. Skyrim Characters Vivian and Sarah. [Their married ;o] Sarah is on the left and Vivian is on the right. How these two met was beyond what was before. Sarah was a Princess whom loved to explore and travel. One day she came across a person whom wasn't being attacked by Giants. Giants seem to be aggressive towards everyone but her. As she approached closer, still staying out of sight of the other Giants so she would be killed. What she saw, amazed her and brought a red tint to her cheeks. She soon fled, thinking about how that Giantess's face was pressed against that woman's nether regions, nose planted between her rather voluptuous rear. When she returned again, the female was gone. She frowned for a moment, wondering where the girl had went. She continued on to Riverwood were she heard someone laughing off in the distance. She moved to where the sound was coming from, seeing the female again as she stood with her pet. She moved closer as she stood near by, seeing the female fully naked. Her eyes widen as she saw her nether bits and seen how big it was. The female noticed her as she smiled to Sarah, steadily petting her pet before pushing him over onto his side. Vivian moved as she gripped a hold of the exposed length and began stroking at it, teasing her pet. Sarah watched quietly nearby as the girl seemed to just play with the length of the pet. Soon, Vivian moved down, parting her lips as she stuck the tip of the length into her mouth. Her pet's paw pushed at her, pushing her head down against the length more as she begun bobbing on the length, drool slightly dripped onto the ground. Vivian pulled her head off the length as she squatted infront of her pet. She gripped a hold of it's length as she pushed it into her vagina and began moving it in and out of her. Soon her pet pulled her down, wrapping his paws around her as he began thrusting into her hole. She just planted her leg and hand into the ground to balance herself as her pet just moved slowly into her hole. The pet enjoyed the warmth and wetness that surrounded his length. She soon rolled her pet onto his back, climbing on top of him and pushing his length back inside of her. She begun bouncing roughly against the length, her breasts bouncing along with her rather large rear. Meanwhile, Sarah was watching this happen, she wasn't paying much attention to Vivian getting fucked as much as the length between Vivian's legs. Vivian's vagina drooled all over the pet's length allowing her to move faster before slowing down, pulling herself off the length. She stood her pet up before moving around behind him. She planted her knee's into the ground, reaching back to grab her pets length as she pushed it back inside of her, pushing her rear back and pulling it forward to tease her pet even more. Her pet soon began thrusting downward, thrusting into Vivian quickly and roughly. Vivian's face filled with pain and pleasure as she was now being ravaged by her pet. Soon her pets knot pushed into her, locking the two together as he continued to thrust. Every time her pet pulled his rear up, she was lifted up due to being knotted as he continued to buck into her before soon releasing inside of her. Vivian and Sarah getting close to each other in Sarah's mini throne. Thanks to Leito and Komotor for the animations.
  12. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33526?tab=files That is the showracemenu precache killer, it will help with Race Menu CTDs. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/38649 This is ENBBoost. This will help overall memory boost and limit what Skyrim uses and stabilizes your game. Hope this helps. :3
  13. Zombified

    What was Your First Ever Computer Game?

    Well well. My first computer game was Star Wars: Dark Forces on a old Compaq with MS-DOS. xD Around that same time, was Star Wars: Tie Fighter and DOOM on that same computer. So, yah. Oldest games I've played were anywhere from Joust [Yes xD] to the arcade version of Missile Command to the first Legend of Zelda for NES. So.
  14. Zombified

    UseDefferedRendering = CTD / why?

    It's not a problem darling. It happens. XD Also, you didn't waste my time. I would leave the thread up for future problems others may have.