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    Yes. I am female people. If you have a problem with what I look like, don't look at me then. However, fun facts. A) I am over 6 feet tall. B) I weigh under 150 pounds. C) I love metal. D) I am addicted to porn. E) I am MtF. Have fun with those thoughts. Currently, ripped apart.

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  1. Confession of a Transgender

    Haha. Fair enough.
  2. Confession of a Transgender

    You are not a bigot nor a racist. You made a mistake, and how the fuck does racism even fit into gender pronouns. It would most likely be closer to being sexist and even then, it still not even that. ~Sighs~ I am 26 and are about to say this, children these days are the reason why we can't have nice things and why we have such a hard time.
  3. Confession of a Transgender

    I don't know what is worse......you messing up by accident or the person freaking out like a child. If I read that correctly, this person that flew off the deep end was a person who was trans and you messed up the pronoun by accident? Oh no. They need to get their head out their ass. I hate those types, I don't think they realize it's more disrespectful to do that than just being like, "hey, just so you know I'm a girl/guy". You know?
  4. Confession of a Transgender

    It happens. It all depends on your will. If the body is willing and the mind is willing, then you will be fine. The second the mind, the body or both are not willing.......that's when that happens.
  5. Confession of a Transgender

    Darling. Do not worry, I completely understand that half if not more of the LL population is not English speaking natives. It's quite alright, I understood what you said. XD If you think you might be, I would suggest talking to someone who specializes in this subject. They will help guide you into finding out if you are or not. However, yes. I put my life story out there for others to read and at the end of the day, it sucks. However, I don't see myself having it off worse than another, just had bad things happen like anyone else and take it for a grain of salt.........even though certain things haunt me at times. However, it is what it is. I am who I am now at least. XD
  6. Confession of a Transgender

    It is what it is. The way I see it is, everyone, especially on here come from all walks of life and have their visions for themselves and how they want to be. I understand why people have a problem with it, I also understand that the choice is mine. If I have to face any judgement from anything, it will be me alone and no one else will have to do it for me. The few people I associate with outside of the internet, are roughly 5 people. [Yah. I don't make friends well.] One is a transgender like myself and her girlfriend. The rest are gay or lesbians with the one guy who is envious of us, but is a cool guy. I wouldn't say they are ignorant, they just don't want to understand. However, I have something for your "dark age" thing. Troglodyte in American definition is: (especially in prehistoric times) a person who lived in a cave. a person who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned. I'll let you have fun with that. XD
  7. of weirdos and life

    Well, I did state at the beginning of my post that what is "crazy" for one, is normal for another. I had the gist of what you were going for. It seems that we all got derailed from the original topic on that basic notion. However, sparked an entire conversation, so I say it came out to a win like you said. xD
  8. Confession of a Transgender

    Call me she/it/he/thing. xDDDD. Nah. I just shifted my preferred pronouns to the concurred body I am changing to. From there, it's up to the person themselves to say them to me. Can't force them to do anything. But I can sure as hell have fun with the jokes when they call me he.
  9. Confessions of a transgender: 26 years ago, a boy was born in the state of Arkansas [United States]. He was a big baby that was taken care of by his grandmother during the day, his mother and grandfather at night. As he began to grow up, he loved batman and had a batman controller car bought for him when he was three years old. As he grew up more, he taste in toys began to change. He did love his lego's, but he also loved barbie dolls. Specifically his Britney Spears barbie doll. The boy never really had a father figure to begin with other than his grandfather, his mother had married her first husband who did not place themselves as the father figure. Soon the two divorced, and the mother had moved on to another man. He had a brother from the first father, who he helped take care of. As time moved on, this new man in his mothers life ended up having a daughter with his mother and they got married. Around the age of 10, the boy started to question who he was, his gender, his identity, why was he this way. He never really asked the questions to his parents because he was too terrified of talking to them. At the time of growing up, it didn't make sense. When the boy turned 11, he met a girl that he ended up starting to date. The next few years, the boy continued to stay quiet about his feelings, not even speaking them to his grandparents out of fear of being looked at different. Being forced to be raised male completely. Around the age of 14, this boy bought with his allowance money a bikini set. He used to wear it at night because it would make him feel more comfortable with himself. Few days after this had happened, the so-called father [step-father] yelled at him, "grounded" him because he thought that men should not wear this type of clothing. However, the boy stayed quiet because he couldn't explain the way he was feeling. So that night he snuck out of his house and went over to his girlfriends house. [Same girl he met when he was 11.] When he got there, he was fuming, he explained to the girl why and what happened. Caring as the girl was, she told him to strip naked. He looked at her, turning red and had a questioning face. She told him to do it again, at this point he did it. She had him put on a pair of her bra and panties before stuffing socks into the bra. She then giggled at him, hugged and kissed him going, "you look more sexy like this. I think this is you." He continued to hug her until their bodies pressed fully together. [Loss of virginity as this point.] Time moved on, as he went through his days of his teenage years, addicted to porn, wearing make-up and dressing in slightly girly clothes, his parents only wrote it off as a phase and that he would grow out of it. At the age of 17, something terrible happened in his life other than his homophobic, transphobic step-father being married to his mother. The girl he had been with, inseparable from since 11, died. He visited her in the hospital the entire time, watching her die and not being able to do anything about it. He stopped being friends with people, people thought he was a freak, crazy, weird because he couldn't handle the way things ended. Later on, after turning to the age of 18, the boy had a fight with his step-dad and himself. This fight got bad that led to him moving in with his grandparents because of what happened. [Accelerate by 2 years. Not much in these two years.] The boy, still questioning himself, not knowing why the hell he felt the way he did, why everything is happening the way it is. He ended up meeting a girl, who he thought he was in love with. He indeed confided in her with the way he was feeling and tried to be a mutual woman when it came to the relationship. Well, soon, the wife began to cheat on him in that same year. She couldn't handle him being a woman at all, she thought she could be couldn't. She told him that she didn't love him anymore and they ended up separating. [Due to legal obligations, details of the marriage are not allowed to be discussed with anyone.] This all happened in 2012. Then, the boy talked to a psychologist whom asked him to start cross dressing, see if that felt right to him. So every night after work for two years, he fully cross dressed and went out to try to feel comfortable. It wasn't, he didn't feel right, it didn't feel real to him. In 2014, he finally was able to fully divorce his wife, and moved back home. The following year, she went to see another psychologist. After many visits, talking about her life and how her mind was talking to her the way it was, [No, not schizophrenic.] she had deemed that she was dealing with Gender Identity Disorder. At this point, she knew she was female. Now he had to either cope with it, or proceed with seeing a doctor to make changes in the betterment of her life. In 2016, she finally was able to see a doctor who agreed with her psychologist that it was indeed Gender Identity Disorder. She started the medication and her body gave her hell for it. After about 3 months on hormones, she began having side effects that not all transwomen experience, she had developed monthly pre-menstrual symptoms that involved being moody, nauseated and ungodly aroused. Any other time outside of the few days, her sex drive was nil, she was completely fine. As time continued on, her testicles began to shrink due to the lack of testostrone, so sperm production slowed until there was 0 production. September of 2017, the most horrid part of her life besides when her first girlfriend died. It was late, she went to the store to get cigarettes and a few things that were needed. Before getting fully out the car, she was punched in the face and drug out of the car. Soon after she was drug out, her arms were held down across the truck of the car by another male and the one behind her yanked her pants down. She was still dazed by the punch and by the time she realized what had happened, everything was already happening. She couldn't scream, only listen. The words still to this day haunt her a bit, "Oh you are a tranny, well, you want to be a woman, this is what women do for men." The entire thing caused her to have a tear in her anus that left her in pain for weeks. When they ultra-sounded her rectum to see how bad it was, they ultra-sounded other parts so they made sure there was no damage and found out she had gallstones. Some good came, but not enough. She cried herself to sleep every night. She questioned herself, it nearly made her stop being who she was. She got angry, extremely angry. The investigators were searching for the two men who had done what they did to her, but, she wanted to hunt them down and kill them. She did not see a reason why they needed to live. After sometime, the men were caught and her anger subsided, she slowly came to terms with what had happened, but she was still haunted by what happened. She soon had to sit in a closed court room, [Meaning no one other than the judge, jury, family and attorney's were allowed to be in there] and testify that this encounter had happened. The court system pulled through and imprisoned the two men like they deserved. Of course, she thought they should've had a worse punishment, at least she felt more at ease of not having to deal with them again. Time continued on, she had a relationship that had failed completely and ended on mutual terms. Not long after that, she started dating someone new, made a few friends. March rolled around, it was birthday time. Her birthday present was her girlfriend leaving and blocking her on everything, and the friends they had blocking her. To her, she was left with no one. It depressed her completely and now she spends her time playing video games ad distracting herself from everything else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you think this is my life story, it is. The easiest why for me to tell it, was in this format. Although, there are subjects in here that I had a very hard time talking about. If you want to comment, go right ahead. If you have negative comments, please keep them to yourself. Thanks, Vivian Feticher.
  10. do you e-stalk your ex?

    Only person I ever did, was my Ex-wife. Only reason why was seeing what kind of things she was painting across her facebook about me. However, I deleted my facebook in recent years and so, none of my ex's, not even the more relevant one within the last few days do I stalk. No reason to.
  11. Girls of LoversLab

    I'm a sad sad person. I play a lot of Rainbow Six Siege and Monica Weiss "IQ", Ela Bosak, and Finka are my lesbian crushes. All deh booty. =.=
  12. That.........is.........awesome? Learn something new everyday.
  13. Whelp, I'm a complete derp, that went over my head. XD
  14. Blue balls. Blue balls is a slang term for the condition of temporary fluid congestion (vasocongestion) in the testicles accompanied by testicular pain, caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male without ejaculation. The term is thought to have originated in the United States, first appearing in 1916. There you go Ernest, it was what you were talking about.
  15. Girls of LoversLab

    That is amazing through and through. All the humps though. xD