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  1. Hello everyone! I've been looking for a purple colored quen mod for some time has anyone ever seen anything? I know there's a Quen sign mod and a Susanoo mod but I'm just looking for a plain defensive stat giver purple barrier spell mod. Something like from Dragon Ball Z a plain old purple defensive barrier. I've been looking for one for 4-5 months but no luck.
  2. I didn't think of this till I found the *bath houses* =P All of the sudden the bath maid started yelling and screaming with joy! I thought special services were a massage ! Oops!
  3. riko3


    It just started working ! I just walked upon an NPC tried it out and TA-daaa!(idk why tho) Woo hoo I guess
  4. riko3


    lol "Are you looking at my titties?" I instantly downloaded but mhmmm I'm having the same problem as well. Breastfeeding animations won't start. I've checked Sexlab Animation Editor I've everything checked(working)breastfeeding animations are suppose to be usable. Darn it lol this mod has such good phrases. Oh well
  5. riko3


    Hello everyone! I was wondering is there any way to see/find who's the father of the baby ? I checked the MCM a couple times I can't find who's sperm got my character pregnant
  6. riko3

    Raven Beak Prison Remastered

    Nice mod! I wanted to ask is there a way to have sex with 2-3 guards for a 10-12 day payment/subtraction? a)blowjob b)vagina c)anal d)rape e)suprise me , Is it possible to add a threesome-foursome option for "f)" ?
  7. Hello guys. I ways wondering if anyone stumbled upon a black/purple barrier Spell mod. It's for role playing purposes. Something like this. http://b1302.hizliresim.com/16/8/jwxg2.png http://f1209.hizliresim.com/11/5/cp7m9.jpg https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/powerlisting/images/6/64/Dark_Shield.gif/revision/latest?cb=20140806052317 I will modify the spell so it would give my character a short time defensive buff for the barrier's duration.
  8. Yeah I know that they're actually tattoos from slavetats. Mhmm :D I didn't explain myself clearly I have "pierced earring all in one by Nostromo79 " and I belive that there's a slot confict the right earrings are great while the left earrings aren't wearable I belive I need to get different part of my character's body pierced to wear my right earring and left earring at the same time. :D
  9. riko3


    Yeah what does "might conflict mean" Exactly what would happen? Using Rp tweaked isn't what I want to do because RP 3 is much better.
  10. riko3


    Hello, I haven't installed the mod yet. What problem could possiblely occur if I had Radiant Prostitute. ( yeah I just read the description ) Idealwise this mod seemed prefect with Radiant Prostitute so that my character couldn't just whore herself to 10-11 customers. I wanted her to be limited so she should only pick the handsomest customers. What would happen if two Jcontainer dependent mods were used at the sametime? What are known issues? -----------------> my actually question tbh :) "For the best immersive Sex this mod seems like a must have. -riko3 Paycrimeswithsex(So my girl can't f*ck guards 24/7)+DangerousNights2+Defeat+Radiant Prostitute+WorkingGirl+Frostfall+Campfire+ "?"Apropos (this mod xD) = FUN :) =]
  11. Turned off Defeat tried dying as well. (no luck :/ ) Turned off Fill Her Up still no change. Race changing (showracemenu)--> no luck.