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  1. With this new load order i am unable to get the mounts erected, I am also unable to bring the Xpmse above the creature framework in the load order, at least when it comes to the plugins. Ive put Xpmse below and above creature framework on the left side. i made adjustments but i am still having the issues. current load order:
  2. hello, I'm having a hard time setting up everything after doing the self troubleshooting that was in the front page. i got nothing. for some reason all the dicks will not get hard when i mount. I provided the load order and stuff. it is all the creatures. I don't believe i am the only one dealing with this, but I cant seem to find the solution in this chat after some looking. Thank you! Let me know if you guys need anything else!
  3. I think I figured out the Issue... So from what I can gather, Skyrim did an update. Turns out it has a bad history of messing up mods. 😠 I didnt know this was a blatant issue until the research I did. I dont know if the creation club updated recently but all I know is that SKSE plugins dont work anymore. I might need to wait for all the mods to update and reinstall them ALL. However, I did learn you can just stop steam from updating, so Im going to do that( well I already did). Now I wait, until the mods either update or someone enlightens me on the actual issue. However, It would be nice for someone to send me their file setup so I can mod again sooner. It would be appreciated greatly (Idk If that would even work). Preferably, the old skse file, and everything that would be needed to go with that to work with present mods. Thank you.
  4. So I've been trying to properly mod my Skyrim SE for days now and so I am finally trying to get help from others. I've only went as far as installing All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy 4.0 without being able to get true collision at all, and installing animation from "Nibbles Animations" without animals being able to get erect and Creature framework not appearing in Sexlab aroused redux for sse. (However my race was an argonian, don't know it that mattered, don't judge me). Now I am taking a major step backwards, in not being able to install Sexlab framwork SE. I use MO2 however before I used Vortex, Stopped that because It didn't seem to work well. Mods: What I do to get into the game: 1: I run FINIS SE Before starting 2: I Run Skyrim through SKSE 64 3: I start a new game(thought It would be best) 4: I go to sexlab at the MCM Nothing seems to show up at all, I remember before when It did work there was check marks by the sides of the mods. Papyrus file:Papyrus.0.log Loot thing: I would really appreciate any help at all. Thank you Papyrus.1.log Papyrus.0.log
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