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  1. Hi LL, Is there a mod where a NPC loves the player so much and want to marry ? Not the player want a NPC >< rather the NPC wants the Player. lovely twoB
  2. @Lestat1627 @fejeena Thank you so much for the Realistic Overhaul links ?? anyone know Immersive Food too? Lovely twoB
  3. Hi LL - Skyrim Realistic Overhaul - Immersive food ... How can i find the deleted mods from nexus ? have somone a link ? I hope your answers helps other people with the same problem if mods deleted from nexus ? Lovely twoB PS: I deleted my mods because i thought my mods have old versions because i stopped moding for a while , and now the mods are deleted from nexus ?
  4. Hi LL ^^ Because there are to much Adult mods, i ask for a New Install order and a simplest explanation for My Adult Skyrim, this 3 mods which i want: ======================================================================================================================== Female: Realistic V. for CBBE (i tried but the V. do not open by SOS contact ) https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/803-realistic-vagina-for-cbbe/ or Real Body 4RB 2 (Wip) if possible https://www.loverslab.com/topic/67591-real-body-4rb-2-wip/ ALL NPCs: -Halo;s Poser http://mod.dysintropi.me/ -A Mod which include a Dialouge Function to remove only some Types of Clothes from NPCs ? (For example : only remove the Armor and shoes all other are stille equiped , i had this mod but forgot the Name ) -more OSEX Function? ======================================================================================================================== Note - This Mods are installed and works, but if i need a complete new installorder i have no Problem to start from a Vanilla Skyrim: -XMPSE -Realistic Ragdolls (Body Mod User Version) -FNIS -ECE -ECE+more Body Sliders -ECEE -HDT PE -HDT HighHeels -CBBE Skinny -Body Slide Studio ( but shows no Textures why ? Admi rights are enabled ) -SOS -OSA + OSEX + BG of Skyrim + BB of Skyrim
  5. @lordarked Thanks for your Answer isn't Loot includet in Mod-Organizer ? Lovely twoB
  6. @dankmemesxd I know the Problems, thats why i ask only People with a working Adult Skyrim which Adult Mods installed does not matter, just a working Adult Skyrim is need maybe other want the same Mods from a Working Adult Skyrim lovely twoB
  7. @Uncle64 Ah sorry i forgot, it's really just a example not a real Install Order I know but i tried reallly general install order for all Mods and Skyrim still crashed there are so much mods and i interested what is a working install order from different People which can help beginners and me Or a load Order Scrennshoot of People Mods Probably help, i just easy thinking help and no need to write difficult to beginners. ( Specially Asks comes just Probably later in Forums or messages ) lovely twoB
  8. Hi LL I have the Idea that People which Adult Skyrim works Perfect with Adult mods they tell here her Install Order for other People. ( only Adult Mods or Recommend to use togehter ) Some sillly People, ( Like me ) they follow step by step Guides ask in Forums , but Skyrim still crash with Adult Mods or do not work rightly I tried to install Adult-Mods weeks and months with a fresh installed Skyrim but still it crashs But im Tired to understand and ask for help How you install your Adult Skyrim ? please tell us Install Pictures are Weclome lovely twoB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just a example maybe : Skyrim Version : Normal / SE This Mods i have installed: -SL -SOS -All in One Animated P. -.... -.... and that's how I installed them : 1. SKSE 2. SkyUI 3. .... 4. ....
  9. Thanks for Answer , no i understand why it don't work what i tried lovely twoB
  10. Hi LL 1. anyone now if the Underwear Removable from UNPB ? ( maybe with a Spell ? ) 2. A spell for Remove All / Some Colthes ? or how is the name of the Mod i saw in a video, where was a Dialog and chose which cloth to remove ? 3. How is the Install Order from HDT Bounce and Jiggles for UNP / UNPB ? it's confuse for me >< https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72030?tab=description lovley twoB
  11. Hi i try to installed the Elin Race but its very confusing for me where i need to start Can someone send me a step by step list with requiered links? The Elin race looks like Anime-Characters its amazing lovley twoB
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