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  1. Go get Crash Fixes and FOLLOW THE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS. I had a similar issue after installing BHUNP because that finally kicked me over the 4GB memory limit, and I never installed Crash Fixes correctly. Crash fixes also improves load speeds and removes any lag you might have when equipping high-poly armor. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725?tab=files
  2. What animation pack is this from? Is it something you made yourself? If so, that's awesome!
  3. What armor is she wearing in that? Looks great!
  4. Is there a preset for your PC? http://skyrimgtx.com/my-followers.html You can rip a head from here for a good base to start.
  5. That's because imgur blocks requests from LoversLab. If you want to see the pictures, you either download an extension that solves this or open each one in a new tab and then press CTRL+L and then Enter.
  6. Hi there! How exactly do I use these .xml presets? I go to Outfit Studio, File > Load Reference > From File and then select your xml file, but it throws an error and fails to load.
  7. Anyone know what outfit this is? I asked trickerfu but no response.
  8. That character actually is one of SkyrimGTX's presets. His website got taken down and you have to email him to get info now. I think this happened because he was charging money for his Racemenu presets, and the creator of Racemenu strictly said that Racemenu things were supposed to be free. You can find Youtube videos of his characters by googling SkyrimGTX.
  9. Hi there, beautiful character! What's she wearing?
  10. You get thrown into the water, you go back up to where you were before, pick up coins until you find the "lucky" one, and then walk around until you meet the mage.
  11. Try using “update references” in MCM. Walkthrough doing nothing is weird. It should at least do the teleportation. You sure you installed the mod properly? It doesn’t visually toggle on, that’s normal. It removes itself once used, so that’s normal too. I'm pretty sure I installed properly. Update references doesn't seem to fix it. I still get stripped by the girls in Whiterun and Riften so the references seem fine to start with too. Also ran FNIS (5.5 fix 1) and stuff. Is there a way to manually start the quest through console commands? Like, coc to the house and then use set
  12. I got the latest SKSE and SkyUI, and did a clean save update from 2.0 (with the patch) to 2.1, but I can't seem to get any of the new features working. General Cover and Get Touchy don't do anything, even though I have them activated in MCM. Also, when I click on the "walkthrough", it doesn't toggle on or anything, but disappears next time I come back to the MCM menu, no matter where I am. I started a new game to try to get to the "walkthrough" as well, but nothing's happening. From the comments above, I understand I'm supposed to get teleported to a house and stripped by an assassin?
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