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  1. Hmm. Always interesting to see things from other people's perspective. Now that you say that, all women in the pictures indeed have small tits. 25 years seems plenty though...
  2. Does anyone know of a tattoo pack with "underbust tattoos"? Something close to these would be awesome:
  3. Is there a mod that will let you gain experience after participating in a sexlab scene? I could only find mods that give the player perk points, but no actual leveling up.
  4. "Extra Dimensional Storage"is the closest thing to that that comes to my mind. It's on the Nexus.
  5. "Nezzar's Ult Lingerie Collection" has a few pieces that look similar to the ones in your link (Check all the preview pictures carefully). It's on the Nexus.
  6. There is a Tophat in the "Zenithar Workshop" mod. This mod adds a lot of headgear pieces and a shop to the worldspace. I don't think its exactly what you are looking for, but maybe give it a go. It's on the Nexus.
  7. Thank you. It is a custom npc, standalone (in the sense that he does not substitute a vanilla npc) I actually don't want to uninstall the mod, I just want to remove one of the many npcs that this mod adds. I want to keep the house. I know that the "disable" and "markfordelete" commands work, I just don't know how they affect the game data. I don't understand about programming... so I wanted to know the best way to avoid problems in the save file. (I'm trying to avoid the chaotic amount of CTDs I experienced in Oldrim back in the day)
  8. Greetings. Considering I want to keep my save files as clean as possible to reduce possible CTDs in the future, what is the best way to remove unwanted NPCs from the game? In my specific case, I want to remove a few npcs added by a house mod. Should I use "Disable" ? "Markfordelete" ? What is the correct way, again, for someone who wants to prevent the game from breaking. Thanks in advance.
  9. Awesome mod, rly welcome diversity. It would be interesting if one could exclude a specific npc or a few from the changes (in game). A spell to remove said character from being affected for good. Or a menu configuration to every npc nearby (similar to what slavetats does).
  10. Good evening, I would like to request a cbbe bodyslide conversion of the new Katwoman armor. http://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-432.html Please let me know if it has been made already. Ty.
  11. What...? So you are saying that the one posted here was not cbbe, is that it? If you checked the link I posted (not the one I quoted) you would see its bodyslide CBBE. Btw, looks like this chinese blog also stole it from rorycampbell (they seem to be the same file size)? Oh, my thanks mate. If they are the same file, it makes sense now.
  12. really guys, at least show us you put in efforts in searching. sweet dress conversion by resident unicorn RoryCampbell What...? So you are saying that the one posted here was not cbbe, is that it?
  13. I was looking for the sweet dress cbbe bodyslide for a long while. I tried the one at the link, but it didn't seem to fit the body, seemed like 7b maybe. Can anyone confirm this is for cbbe, pls? If so, what to download from the site? tyvm
  14. Hello. I have an issue and I wonder if anyone knows what mod causes this. Whenever the character is hit by an enemy, a purple magical globe (which looks like the one from summonings) is created around it. It makes a terrible noise and is spammable, which is ruinning the gameplay. Is there a way i can find out what is causing it by myself without the need of deactivating mods one by one? Thanks
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