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  1. wats up Praxidike. so u need to have a strip club or a pole in order fo these to pop up. i believe if u jus have a pole then they should pop up. it should be in the pole dance option. if u still can't figure it out then send me a dm
  2. yea but u gotta have discover university or snowy escape in order to find/have them n thanks yo! much love
  3. if ur talkin bout the ones that look like this one: then these r on patreon. they are called 'Just Skin' for the open shower. they r available on my gumroad right now if u dnt care fo patreon
  4. yea ill try to include it but i aint gon promise u it'll make the december collection sup hompie. n its good u aint a patron no mo. lol i understand. but yea ill keep that in mind. i gotta do a climax pretty soon so ill see if i can implement that. thanks
  5. ... u dnt have to pay me fo a sim brah. like i said gimme some time yo. check out this place https://thesimscatalog.com/sims4/category/sims/ use the english one and the red cup, u have to open the Ebonix folder and find the Ebonix_RedPatryCupsV1 hey pixie! ow more hugs! 🥴 thanks luv and happy hoilday to u too lol yea i think that ones cute too. its my favorite one outta that whole pack lol and yooooo chillll lmfao im goin to make some this month. n no promo or nothin but iono y u jus dnt join my patreon cus they gon get it 1st... or u can jus cop if frm gumroad once
  6. thnks fo da download yo n nawl i dnt really share my sims. i mean i could make some quick ones but u gotta gimme some time on dat cus im still focused on my animations. u kno u could also look on the gallery fo some
  7. 12/16 UPDATE WW_E404P_ANIMATIONS (184 ANIMATIONS TOTAL) [TEASE, ORALJOB, VAGINAL -- MF/ MM/ FF] A FREAKY EXPEDITION 🚗👊🏾 How to set up A Freaky Expedition: -in build/buy mode search for Bentley -place anywhere on ground -click on car, click on WW icon, then you should see the options Required CC: B-M GT Bentley CherryPie Cum Mesh [TEASE -- MF/ MM/ FF] THAT CAN WAIT [HANDJOB -- M] HELLO?! HELLO? [HANDJOB -- F] MMM KEEP TALKIN 📱 💦 👇🏾
  8. Girlllll! Your animations are the best. This Mod needed a Black Animator. You brought a whole new style to Wicked Whims and now you have others following your lead, as they should.




    1. εяяσя404ρнιℓℓιρs


      aye i had to come put some seasonin on the chicken (u catch my drift) lmao! im happy to b here n represent fo my peeps. #wealwaysstarttrends

  9. yo wats good simsonfleetaded(i had fun typin yo name)! aye thanks! 💪🏾 damn lemme help u out folk. so check to see if u even have it active in game by: ww settings>sex settings>animations disable>press ok>find my name. go the the vaginal section and see if u can find it. if u dont see it then your probably missing the cc thats required for it. here is the cc that u need for it to show up: cherrypie mesh & iphone 8 with the iphone 8 u only need phone B. lemme kno if u get it fixed, if not them hit me up n the dms
  10. 😭 man i loveeeee comments like these! its amazing how me creating these animations bring so much joy to others! i love bein apart of ppls favorites! 😁 n no doubt, i appreciate u also Survivorman! thats real talk my dude
  12. thanks Kencheb! that says a lot! n yea im currently experimenting wit something in blender that would make it possible to have wall animations!!! im excited to try it out. i kno it'll bring a whole new trend to the ww animation department! n a freaky expedition is currently patreon but dnt worry cus thats goin to be the next release here on LL soon. Or u can cop it on gumroad. but i would wait until i update for my Nov collection release, which will be on the last day of this month its required fo some animations to show up. u can jus drop in n yo mods folder sweet! n nawl dont
  13. Hey, so I tried out what you recommended and I have to say I'll pass on them. It was an sad attempted and they failed miserably. I'll just stick with you.

    1. εяяσя404ρнιℓℓιρs


      i had to go back n read the dm to figure out wat u was talkin bout but lmfao! my bad. shit i thought since they do it too that u would like em but iight nvm lol

    2. JenBen


      Second hand embarrassment was the only thing I got out of it.

  14. yo no prob. thanks fo da download lol ayeeeee thats wats up! damn i am about to update it for my Nov collection soon but dont worry i got u 😉 that Audi lit! u gotta gimme da link to it luv. n how sexy do u want it? lol n yo i b peepin yo twitter pics n vids! u should post yo vids to PH
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