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  1. Wie gehts voran? Brauchst du Hilfe, wartest du noch auf das GO des Erstellers, oder hast du es aufgegeben?
  2. Does anyone know if a more current German Version of Nisa's WP available anywhere? If not, I would be glad to help with translating BTW Nisa... Great Job! well Done, Love your Mod, seriously!
  3. Danke, endlich weiß man mal was "konkretes". Vielen Dank dass ihr das ganze fortführen wollt ❤️
  4. Yepp, works for me as well! Thank you for helping out.
  5. I have the same wickedwhims and CNWW API would both throw out this Exception Error
  6. Solved... I believe. It just occured when I started my Game and Loaded my Household. Never had such Large LastException Error before o.0 Please I do need some advice. lastException.txt
  7. Well, I have the newest Version, but I'll give it another try, ty.
  8. So I first of alll checked all of my (not so many) mods, and they are pretty actual, but still I got an Last Exception TXT and can't figure out the Problem myself. So please, if you don't mind help me finding whats wrong. https://pastebin.com/qi3DjpQK
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