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  1. Each time I load a save with this mod it crashes 9/10 times. Is there a way I can view the crash log to see what it is thats causing the game to crash?
  2. So much time has passed I all ready beat the game so I'll keep this information for next playthrough thanks though
  3. Seem to have a high chance of not being able to load many of the saves made by casm with this mod. Had to repeat multiple dungeons now because of this anyone else having crash on loading saves or just me?
  4. Well I've been able to use just Babo Dialogue and not SLHH so gonna keep going for now without the latter. Too bad I really liked the animations of SLHH maybe it'll magically work down the road XD.
  5. Have you had any crash on load issues I can't seem to even get the mods to work since the game won't stay open long enough to test them
  6. The grey face issue can be caused by a number of issues most likely a mod conflict I just ignore this any time I see it because my load order is 277 items so I'm not going through the hell to try to fix it. The other causes are hair mods guessing you don't have those. There may be some ini tweaks regarding facegen data you can change but I don't remember how to do that you can probably look it up.
  7. Seem to be having some crash issues when loading a save. Currently trying to reduce the load order or use this without Sexlab Horrible Harassment. My guess is that the papyrus is under too much stress if thats the case not much I can do to fix it. Any one have the same crash on load issues or just me?
  8. I'm having the same crash issues as well but I was able to start a new game with this and babo dialogue enabled not sure what's changed since then. Did you ever figure out the problem and where does FNIS tell you you have a % chance to crash?
  9. Just to hear an update is coming is nice too many mods I know of have ceased support some time ago. Shout out to the author for making a great mod!
  10. lol 62 they're powerful but I stick to only melee since if I used magic it wouldn't even be a contest. Of course with the mods I use enemies are just as powerful or more than me thats how I ended up in Dark Arena via simple slavery. It seems to be Hrokie everyone else will fight so my solution is just to load back to change opponents.
  11. I have an issue where you're supposed to lose the fight in the arena but my opponent runs in fear so there's no possible way to lose. Is there some sort of surrender key or way to fix this?
  12. Ok well I really need more information on the problem in game are actors invisible are they purple are the meshes clipping you haven't really told me anything so far so I'm kind of guessing shotguning in the dark here
  13. Should be yes can you give any more information did you build the meshes in the bodyslide and outfit studio
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