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  1. For some reason i have this, even if delete ALL other mods from folder (Steam)
  2. I have same problem. Nothing else is displayed, or displayed as shadow (Steam).
  3. Thanks! This is exactly what i wanted. But half of decorations are missing again. UPD: i fixed it by editing your ini file. common.ini
  4. Thanks for sharing. May I ask you make nopan only version? Also in "SSR Frothy Maid common no panties" some decorations are missing.
  5. These mods don't exist because these suits have never appeared on DMM before. But suits is super sexy. Hope someone makes mods.
  6. Is it possible to remove Helena's necktie?
  7. Thanks, I followed your advice and now everything works as it should.
  8. After today's update, Square Bikini Nude mods no longer works in steam version, excluding mono1214 version.
  9. They changed hash and SSR Event Fluffy Soft Foam didn't work for Steam. Сan you please check it?
  10. Spending a lot of time will not give you almost any progress in getting SSR suits unlike a lot of money spent or big luck. I play on Steam and right now I have 60 unique SSR swimsuits out of 205. Free to play.
  11. I apologize for the concern. I had another mod installed, but because of mess in the folders, I could not find it. Now I found it and everything works. Although the color of swimsuit for some reason does not change, only the color of ropes. Anyway, thanks for the great mod!
  12. For some reason I have this bug (Steam). No red conflict messages and no other mods for this suits installed.
  13. Anyone have this mod? https://residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/12538/jill-holster
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