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  1. Last time I tried https://lastexception.com didn't said any of those things but to send and email because that was a new kind of error wich I did. I deleted localthumbcache.package and the error seems gone. Didn't know there were cache files or folders to delete. I noticed there are a bunch of folder like: cachestr onlinethumbnailcache Tray Are these all cache folders? Are they safe to delete from time to time? Thanks for the help and the reply.
  2. I can say this error is related to WW and not any other mod. I've tried playing the game with WW as the only mod installed in the folder and I still get this error. I've tried shallow cleaning. I noticed the error is notified after I load my save only the first time I order my sim to resume writing a book at the computer (he's going for the Bestselling Author aspiration). I would prefer to avoid deep cleaning cause I spent a lot of different sims points in WW traits. Please help me. Thanks lastException.txt
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