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  1. Is there a way to not alter the appearance of the person that digested you when you use Become Your Killer? they always morph into a potato for me... I just want to become the actual person after they consume me.
  2. Updated BF SE to BFSE64 and now my game CTD's before the logo...
  3. How do I move on? Do I just wait till Titus' kids hatch?
  4. Is NOVAC the end of the content? I seem to remember one time being able to take over Nelson.
  5. Is there absolutely no way to make Beeing Female work with this?
  6. It seems to happen with Vore also. Most often with Camilla, though Gerdur vored me and entered her house with no problem.
  7. Whenever someone endos you and leaves the building the game crashes (black screen and stops responding)
  8. Ran Cathedral on it, packaged it and then ran the CK on it to make it SE compatible. The kids no longer have brown faces, but they are still human. SON OF A BITCH. And those that have succeeded here are too fucking selfish to share. Wonderful.
  9. I get the problem where all it says is "I'm watching my weight" too. Will EZ2C fix that?
  10. Wish this mod was compatible with the Inflation mod
  11. I found the issue! First off, thank you guys for your responses. I uninstalled 18, copied the 19 dll and it still crashed. I had previously uninstalled NVSR and installed NVTF, but I hadn't installed the HEAP fix. Now I can play New Vegas and get bred by all the lovely beasts! WOOT WOOT! Thanks again guys! Edit: I LOVE THIS MOD! Wish there was one just like it for FO4 and Skyrim
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