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  1. Ok, solved this! I had the physics for the CBBE body instead on Fusion, had 2 separate physics sets installed, bodygen was active, and the gravity bias of all the breasts in the .ini were set to 50. I downloaded correct physics profile, uninstalled both older physics setups, reinstalled Fusion Body without body gen, deleted the bodygen folders, installed bodygen reset and ran it, saved, uninstalled bodygen reset, set the gravity bias in the .ini to 20 for all the breasts sections and... Boobs are normal looking yet jiggly! YAY!
  2. Nope. All NPCs have weird boobs. MC is the only one with normal tits.
  3. Hey, it worked! No more saggy boobs! Well, at least for my character. Trash Can Carla has some gnarly sag though, but she is old. Gonna have to see about other female NPCs. Maybe Carla's generated body just got the short end of that stick...
  4. Yes I do. How do I install RC3 as it is manual only? I don't know how to install that kind of file. Or can I just drop the file into Vortex and let Vortex do it?
  5. Latest FusionGirl body and OCPCP physics and...malformed boobs. Had to tweak the gravity again as well. WHAT GIVES?!
  6. Save OFTEN and use different slots. CAS is wonderful for this. Load whenever he disappears. It can be arduous, but this works. The ant questline is my favorite and this is the only bug I've ran into. Easy workaround.
  7. Maybe so. I'll try to reinstall. Need bouncy titties!!
  8. Thanks! Yeah, I love the Kitty game. I already have Indarello's FG 1.75 and I've run BS again. Still sagging...
  9. Any other ideas, guys? I've tried all yall have recommended and even tried the sliders in looksmenu but still saggy. When using looksmenu sliders i can lift them, but then they point to the sky whenever you put clothes on.
  10. It helps, but still saggy. And they don't match the clothes now.
  11. I started a new file with FG 1.75 Can't go back to an earlier save. I have to start over I guess
  12. Yes. One for the base game and one for each of the DLC
  13. I don't have Body Gen. Didn't see it in the requirements. Edit: I downloaded Body gen and body gen reset. How do I use them? There aren't instructions on the mod page.
  14. I'm new to using Fusion Body and I have the latest versions of Zax Skeleton, Fusion Girl, OCBP Physics, etc. and I cannot get the breasts to stop sagging. Any help would be appreciated! I found a guild to tweak a file on Nexus, but he didn't say what file to tweak and I can't find any that contain the sections he had. Edit: the naked body sags the same way it does in armor, so it isn't the armor.
  15. EA is one of the most corrupt game corps out there. I despise them deeply. Look at the Sims 4: broken a costs $700 for all the packs. REALLY?! Talk about raping you wallet for a game that really doesn't have that much content without mods. Unbelievable.
  16. Well, there are three different stats other than "can get pregnant". They are 'Pregnancy Discovery= , Pregnancy coming= , and Is Pregnant= ' When Pregnancy Discovery is false, the 'Pregnancy Chance' always equals 0. Usually Pregnancy Discovery is true. I don't know why it turned to false on ALL sims.
  17. Ok, so I use the WW cheat menu to check preg status and fertility. Suddenly, every sim in the game has their 'Pregnancy Discovery=false' even though their "Able to get pregnant=true' Anyone know why?
  18. Yeah. It seems to work ok for me, but not sure. Really wish the barrel-belly would fix itself. I can't figure out how.
  19. It functions properly? How do you get the belly to behave with 3BBB
  20. I updated everything, but only Fill Her Up SE is registered, BF does not. And I can't fix this weird belly problem.
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