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  1. Unfortunately this is a result of pushing the existing blendshapes past their intended limit. Try lowering the bonus scale amount to give the breasts a more realistic look. Once I wrap up my current project, I'll circle back to this mod and try to tweak the blendshapes myself so that some bust types have more natural, hanging breasts.
  2. I'll make a full writeup of how this works later. But I finally got this working tonight and wanted to share how this looks After getting rid of the leaf on nude female characters, I wanted to add some detail that's missing on the groin in the base skin. I quickly bashed together some female pubic hair textures, scripted them into a new morph gene set, and took them for a spin using the portrait editor. This is how my starting texture turned out: Trying a more bushy texture turned out pretty well. As did a landing strip style.
  3. You can add a fixed amount of scaling to all characters. Open the settings decision and change the trigger to be "All Characters". You can then adjust how much of a size boost all characters get with the second option. These changes get applied immediately. You can select characters from the map and see how their breast size changes as you make choices.
  4. I'm going to start messing around with skin overlays to do things like custom nipple textures, pubic hair, and maybe tattoos. I'll share what I come up with.
  5. If this did work, it would apply to every character in the game. There doesn't appear to be a character specific attribute you can modify that influences child genders. You can save right before the child is born and the reload that save to get a different gender or inherited traits. Kinda cheezy. But if you had a need you could do this to get the gender you want. Otherwise, just keep seducing the ladies to get more rolls on the baby RNG.
  6. The basic strategy is to do the following. Launch the game with debug mode enabled, and open the Portrait Editor from the console window. Mess around with the various genes to get a character that looks how you want. Click the "Copy DNA" button and then open up a text editor and paste that string somewhere. We'll come back to it in a bit. Decompress your save file using an archiving tool (I use WinRAR, but 7zip and similar work for this too). Open the gamestate file in a text editor. It is a big file so it might take a minute to load. Search for your charact
  7. Make sure you have both the Resource mod and the Beauty Scales Breasts mod enabled from the launcher. You need to enable it within the launcher after you have installed it. If you are still having issues, try disabling any other mods and running just this one. That will tell you if there is a conflict we need to resolve.
  8. That looks pretty neat, @hoover2701! You should post it here so other players can use it too! So I spent the day looking into how Simple Slits works and how I can integrate it into this mod. And I think I'm going to try a different approach. The new plan is a separate mod that adds vagina textures and pubic hair textures that you can assign via genes. I'll probably start with one texture for each just to get the system up and running. And if some 2d artists are willing to help, we can round it out with a couple variations. There's no easy way to assign these genes right
  9. New version of the mod posted which makes a few changes. First, I've split off all of the blendshape and gene changes into a standalone SJK - Breast Scale Resources mod. This way other mod authors can import these resources but rig them up to their own portrait modifiers. This should make it much easier to make your own mods that play with breast scales. Second, I took @hoover2701 advice and made a custom Minor Decision that you can use to tweak the behavior of this mod. You can change who gets the boost to their breast size, and fine tune how big of a boost they should
  10. That's the plan for the version after this. I'll be making a "mod resource" only version that defines the blendshapes and genes. That way other mods can define the portrait modifiers which determine how they get used. Then if I have time, I'll write a separate addon mod for Carnalitas that ties their breast traits to the genes. If that works out well maybe I can merge it into Carnalitas so you don't have to download and maintain both mods.
  11. On nice. I'll check out that mod. I haven't looked around to see what other mods people have made that modified that file yet. Should be pretty simple for me to bash together a merged version of my Milky changes with the ones from Simple Slits. I'll make an extra addon mod for the next version, and reach out to that mod author to see if I can just incorporate and credit their changes into the Milky mod.
  12. You could repeat this process of adding additional copies of the blendshape attribute to assets and then scaling it up. Some meshes, like the arabian nobility outfits, would probably work fine with more scaling since the mesh is well suited for it. But other meshes like the western religious or northern religious outfits would start to "break" because the mesh topology doesn't work well with excessive breast scale. And other outfits like the steppe nobility and western crusader outfits have textures that get awfully streched out with more scaling. I can come back and look at this a
  13. Ah, I goofed up and am using the old blendshape name instead of my new one. That has the unfortunate side effect of disabling the blend shape entirely, which is why the breasts are poking through on those outfits. I'll get that fixed for the next update. I will also be including some new gamerules that allows you to better control how this mod works. Based on feedback, the options I have planned are: Who gets breast scaling? Characters get bonus scaling based on the beauty traits (default) Characters get maximum bonus scaling if they have any beauty traits
  14. Just posted an updated E Cup version which adds modified asset files for all of the vanilla female clothing. Now if you have the Extra Milky addon mod enabled, you'll see larger breasts for clothed characters too!
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