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  1. MegaGryphon

    Devious Devices

    Schalli what's up, do you have everything now running okay? I open the game's menu and 'log in' to their Mod thing, simply to access what they call Load Order... But I use LOOT the load order optimization tool - so what they call Load Order I call enabling or disabling the mods! There is also a manual way (in an .ini file that is created) to edit which mods are enabled or disabled, by placing an asterisk beside. But that is the hard way, LoL. I also run the latest Unofficial FO4 Patch. It's a good thing. Arthmoor and I go way back to Oblivion days. He's a good man, he has given the community a lot. I have found, fellow Devious Devices users, that updating to the latest Armor Keywords package really changed my game. I was hoping it might fix up a few small DD issues heheh (see above) but it didn't. However I can now change a Red Leather Collar for example into White or Black... kewl. Anyway I do everything manually, it's easy (no Mod Managers). Enable/disable from the game menu. Ignore the Load Order here - it does not always display what LOOT decides. Run LOOT. It's a great tool because (apart from load order) it sometimes has complaints about this or that... Calling things to your attention. Of course, what else...? You need all Kimy's requirements and run the BodySlide clothing thing etc. Let us know if you get it working. @Wonko486 I found another old photo. It seems to put like pantyhose on them... which I can really appreciate (leg man LoL) L8R
  2. MegaGryphon

    Devious Devices

    Yup, this is pretty much my experience as well (including Piper, heheh) but the thing with the Latex Bikini dresses downs me out, since they USED to work. At some point they just stopped working - the "T" button to wear the item (on PC) no longer appears. This happened not recently, like maybe almost a year ago...? It's a shame really, since all the ladies look great in the outfits! I did find one rare old photo of our friend Piper in fact... Cheers
  3. MegaGryphon

    I have a weird long load time issue

    My own long load times - insanely long - began immediately after I installed Project Valkyrie (and Outcasts and Remnants, and Fusion City). These three mods alone total around ~20GB! Fantastic mods and I love them. Fine work. But these crazy load times are really wearing me down, heheh...
  4. Just the facts, bro... Sorry but he was not inclined to sugar-coat it. And what are you - some kind of 'tough guy' yourself? (You wanna know where I live, LoL?)
  5. Hi guys, Hey I just got my SE running with SkyUI (can't play without it) and SKSE. No probs. Runs sweet! But after installing the latest CBBE and BodySlide I realize I have made a dreadful mistake installing what they call "face pack" files. The faces are awful! Far worse than vanilla, they look like cartoon faces without any detail, fine lines or texture... ugh. But they're there now. Not much I can do about it at this point (and it's not a deal-breaker). PROBLEM: supposedly these CBBE faces match up better with CBBE bodies, heheh... except THEY DON'T. There's a giant see-through seam where the head joins the body! And since I never saw this with vanilla faces on CBBE bodies, you can see why I'm displeased with these CBBE faces (multiple reasons). Hoping this is a well-known issue? Or are thousands of SE players beyond count actually playing a game where the ladies appear to have just come from the Guillotine, LoL...? This is a bit sad. I'm betting someone here on LL knows what's going on. Help!
  6. MegaGryphon

    Devious Devices

    Not at all. I played a guy on Survival Mode right from the beginning (new game) to level ~150 with no probs... And no console! The Unofficial FO4 patch solves any and all issues and the game is far more challenging - and fun IMO.
  7. MegaGryphon

    Devious Devices

    Ack! No thank you, heheh... One of the best and important purposes of Survival Mode (for me) is: no ~console. It's the only time you're really PLAYING THE GAME. Of course I understand that Devious Devices is ahem, an entertainment; a diversion... and I have my Institute Head guy "Father" who runs around in his white coat and molests. Not on Survival, though LoL But for serious playing, Survival Mode - with NO console - is the only way to go!
  8. MegaGryphon

    Devious Devices

    Heheh... you've been prolific, friend? (Me too!) I also have seen this 'error'. You can continue to use the stuff and torment new females encountered - but I believe that somewhere in the Commonwealth, NPCs will be reverting back to their default equipment loadouts as a result. For whatever reason, the amount of equipment you can deploy at any one time appears to be finite. In view of this, when loading an older savegame that has never before 'seen' DD and the TD devices, I won't start putting the entire game into bondage, LoL (no matter how tempting!) Instead I try to apply the stuff sparingly and only at uttermost need. Like Marcy, for example... she is quite deserving.
  9. MegaGryphon

    Devious Devices

    The small number of NPC companions cannot be silenced by the DD gags. Everyone else can. But suppose you're playing on survival mode (no ~console)? Yes, anyone/everyone you have ever gagged will never utter speech again - it is quite permanent! Be aware...
  10. MegaGryphon


    Yes. And I do recognize that I like a bit of gravity in the mammarian architecture, heheh... I actually adjusted my (ahem, Piper's) norbs a bit - to make them fit better with Kimy's nipple jewelery. I will therefore make two tiny adjustments and the suckers will 'fit' better! And y'know, I guess the suckers will always be just a bit too high (inch or two) for MY ladies... but I understand your situation.
  11. MegaGryphon


    As a result of hyperbole I can see I'm giving 'inaccurate' technical feedback! Yes Vader, 18 inches would be a bit of an exaggeration... Well here - see it yourself; it is more like maybe four inches? Regards
  12. MegaGryphon

    Devious Devices

    Buying stuff in Memory Den is expensive - although she does sell some 'unique' items and of course KEYS. But the vast majority of the stuff I use I craft myself at the Restraints Workbench. Fun! All the plugs/vibrators and every type of gag, no problem. Note: you need to either build the stuff or buy it from Kimy. Don't cheat it into your inventory with the console. Because of Kimy's equip/unequip scripts and the way the mod works, item numbers change when equipped/unequipped so you can't just console stuff into your inventory. (I play on Survival mode anyway, so that's not even an issue for me personally)...
  13. MegaGryphon


    Nice! Thank you, Vader. I especially like the Wooden Horse, heheh... The SuckerChair is good too I guess (although the suckers were ~18 inches too high when I used it on Piper). Is it built for those 'fake' boobs that are unrealistically high up? Because real titties sit lower than that. Especially once removed from their clothing.
  14. MegaGryphon

    Devious Devices

    Huh...? The devices go on; the devices come off again. Easy as pie! What exactly is the problem - no keys? Looks like a visit to the Memory Den in Goodneighbor is in order...
  15. MegaGryphon

    CRX - workshop crosses

    Guys, your companions are still 'essential'. As essential as they've ever been! Nothing in the game can kill them - except YOU. Don't forget that it is you who are killing your companions with these crosses... right? You should probably stop right away (bad karma) LoL