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  1. sorry for necroing but i actually found something out with my own tests, its a mod conflict, certain mods make it not work, earlier I actually got it to work as intended with said race. devious devices or torture devices conflicts with aaf and can working correctly for me so if you use those i'd disable or uninstall them when using CAN.
  2. i honestly dont know, i run it through mo2 and add the fnis files from there as a new mod. GenerateFNIS_LogFile.txt
  3. okay everything is still the same nothing has change from the inital post. Cursed loot doesnt equip when opening a canister ( i chose a bag with only carrots in it ) it just added it to my inventory... Sexlab doesnt actually initate or gather actors for sex they just stand there but we can still walk around as if nothing happened. SexLabUtil.log PapyrusUtilDev.log skse64.log modlist.txt plugins.txt
  4. okay when i redownloaded sexlab i seem to have grabbed the LE Version derp. probably the cause of t-pose.
  5. okay im getting the tpose, odd. because im using the arm fix path the only constince error in fnis is duplicate ZAZ Files from MME But the author has said its normal, so i cant think of whats causing it. GenerateFNIS_LogFile.txt PapyrusUtilDev.log
  6. okay i have hentai pregnancy installed but i was reading thee support pinned threads and i didnt see anything about a fnis log location, i only found the one for papyrus's ( i just reinstalled sexlab framework cause maybe fnis wasnt reading it? ) im launching to get the papyrus log to create itself.
  7. okay in reference to the dark knight one is to add the armor, one is add the shield and one is a combined plugin ific, now slavers i think slhp is a intregation adding support to hentai pregency based on it mod page. the serial strip and stripper are two similar mods but not duplicates, serialstrip being a modders resources but serial stripper required it. now for requirements of cursed loot, i have ZAZ Animation pack, Devious Devices and Sexlab Aroused Redux. so i have all its requirements. now for racemenu i have all its requirements. i have skse64 installed and iv ran fnis many times hoping for a fix. and iv started many new games aswell, so this problem is very annoying. idk if this will help but im using MO2. i will still try fnis and a new game in hope it works, my guess is some is wrong with cursed loots script or something.
  8. did more testing and its also cursed loot aswell, like i looted a bandit and well same thing happened. (this is all after i reinstalled the game and deleted all saves)
  9. 1. When a devious event triggers all it does is add it to my inventory ( only tested with Devious Mimics so far ) 2. Racemenu custom hair color doesnt work/change the color 3. From time to time my character gets a face paint applied not too bad of a glitch but still annoying ( can be fixed by going into racemenu, but later it will reappear ) modlist.txt plugins.txt
  10. glad to see it resolved, the worst part about modding is this process right here, debugging.
  11. in regards to the screenshot try following the plugin words, Esl and Esp's before Esm, thats funny often its reverse but make sure to always sort loot if think thats the problem but you should always run it anyway. aside from that i cant really offer any support to this bug/glitch/misc problem, i'll leave the rest indarello since he's a mod author and has some experience in F4SE Scripts and will probably be more helpful considering that. i have helped all i can with my knowledge of fo4 modding.
  12. it was a recommendation, didn't say he had to, regardless vortex is very problematic in my experience, but the symlink has to do with vortex's deployment method, see if your using the experimental method for deploying mods, might be the problem with that. but i did alittle googling, since the key bind is bugging you. head to these lines Fallout4\Data\AAF and see if you have the AAF_settings.ini file which has the key binds and such. if the file is missing or off, something is definitely amiss. use notepad and see if this line exists if you have the file, which you should. toggle_key_1 = 36 ; Home look for this line its from my ini and its how it should look. if it does look like this then somethings probably wrong with your aaf installation or a mod conflict?
  13. the refrences arnt import if your replacing something but if you arnt its probably bad. but i would follow my steps regardless. and about symlink its an error having to do with deployment for the mod manager, so its probably vortex being a dick, vortex is often an dick to its user and it takes up 2x as much space as mo2. okay, my recommend is if you switch to MO2 is to find the zip file location, where vortex sent every mod you downloaded and move them somewhere safe, then reinstall fo4, cause Vortex actually touches the game files, and i as i stated before mo2 doesnt, which is why it is prefer over vortex. anyways once its reinstalled make a new vanilla game and walk go to drink the coffee then exit, ( this is to make sure vanilla is running properly ) now when uninstalling fo4 make sure delete the actual fo4 folder from steam and then uninstall via the actual steam client ( if your using steam that is ) then install fo4 and then install F4SE and mo2. and then drag and drop those zip files in MO2 downloads for fallout 4. now to keep things from getting messy, i would create a few seperators ( right click in the in the left pane and hover over all mods and a side should open and a button that says create seperator should appear), one labled "Core" these mods are at the core and bugfixes, etc, "Textures" for landscapes and retextures. "Audio" for audio mods. "Character for well character appear mods, eg: Eyes, Makeup, Face textures. Armor for armor and clothing mods, weapons for well guns and other sorta of weaponry. and a section for anything not in those catagories. and once i mod mine sexually i'll be adding a few new seperator like. AAF Core for AFF Core mods and frameworks but aaf itself will stay in the Core seperator and then AAF Expansions for anything that adds upon those core mods or requires them. Hopes this helps.
  14. seems like the issue is different than i first thought, after a fews in a save or new game it ctds regardless, but its one of the character mods i have, but which one hmmm.
  15. okay, loot is program used for sorting load orders, vortex does a bad job at it. ( i used to use vortex before switching to MO2 ) https://loot.github.io/ this is a link to loot, once its finished, sort your LO. I would recommend to switch to mo2 in the future since it doesnt actually touch your game files. another suggestion would be to remove the patch or reinstall it. i didnt use patches that much when i mod my sexual fallout 4 playthrough.
  16. i have a few suggestions 1. if you have savagecabbages animation pack uninstall and it should work, i remember it being buggy awhile back. 2. Run loot. 3. Start a new game.
  17. UPDATE: I Get ctd when enabling one the highlighted mods.
  18. i have badlands 2 and desperados overhaul, will it cause problems if it do that way?
  19. my game ctds just as the fog begins to clear right before character customization. notes: Works fine with vanilla. Tried reinstalling fo4, didnt work. i am using MO2 for mod manager. modlist.txt plugins.txt
  20. are you using a custom a skeleton like xp32? if so your probably not checking the correct boxes in fnis and also make sure you dont have any 32bit/LE Skyrim animation packs, like Gregathit said.
  21. ah, i always do that (cause well i learned to do that from my fo4 modding experience), but i got my hud back now, now to fix the 2nd worst problem i encountered last night, CTD when exiting the mcm menu, but it doesnt always happen, only sometimes. oh wait its probably my animation count, fnis says 73.2% ctd ( reinstalled anims and changed settings, now its at 58% ) also the hud bug is back now 😠 only on new games tho. edit: Installing Skyhud, fixed my missing hud/ui
  22. it is enabled i think i most of ui's are enabled except for the one for combat and exploring and stuff. fixed
  23. idk, whats messing with Skyui, have uiextensions and paper map, but aside from that idk what would mess with it.
  24. yeah, i have XMP, And im using special psychics and it works fine now, now im getting no ui except for the inventroy and other stuff and selecting menus and pause menu, reinstalling skyui to see if that fixes that. it didnt fix it, okay when i walk up to a book theres no E, to interact but if i press it interacts normally
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