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  1. Hope you're okay, if it's mental health related don't hesitate getting help! It always helps to talk to somebody 👍
  2. GODDAMN!! Alexis is on 🔥🔥🔥 *chef's kiss*
  3. Hey everybody, I'm currently doing some updates/ finishing some sims. I know there's not a lot of love on here for punks but for those that do, I wanted to know your opinion on what hair I should use for Sofia. I was never super happy with her hair and I wanted to change it. I have one which I'm leaning more towards to but let's see what you guys prefer. VOTE HERE: https://strawpoll.com/sd7uf4jur Or if you have a hair you think would fit better, let me know!
  4. Halloween part 2: the party I actually cut down a lot of content and still managed to take 107 pictures 😅
  5. There's only a certain amount of good halloween costumes out there so trying to make up your own ones seems to be the better option. Therefore I was VERY impressed by your costumes. I also can't imagine the amount of hours it took you to shoot and edit that video. Absolutely amazing work, like I said, very impressed. Also, you need a name for that girl? Is she Jozie's sister? If I remember correctly Jozie is supposed to be of east-european ethnicity so maybe Helen or Elena. If you want a north american name, the name that pops into my head when looking at her is Ruby.
  6. I've been quite busy lately so I'm a bit late on the whole Halloween thingy, but managed to get some pics done. This is part 1, supposed to be like the gang getting ready for the party and spending the day taking some simstagram pics: Also with special guests Jillian Braun & Rita Valenta (I love mixing up other people's sims with my own 😉)
  7. Adult Entertainment Productions presents: Night of the Giving Head (misleading title cause there's fucking but it's a funny name 😜)
  8. My AEP Superstar and personal favorite Vivienne
  9. worked some more on my new celebrity sim and I gotta say, I'm in love 😍
  10. ☝️ jeesus those jugs are getting bigger and bigger, almost the size of her head 😅 anyway, got bored, grabed some random pics
  11. @mrrakkonn Holy crap! That looks really good! Can you tell me what you changed apart of her mouth? I don't know why but my faces always end up looking very young, need to work on that. Your face looks exactly the right age. Also, I don't know how but I found her eyeshadow even though it's in that merged file "COSMETICS, TATTOOS, PIERCINGS" which is really annoying, like you said, you can't properly unmerge it. It's this one by RemusSirion.
  12. Yeah... I'm not really a fan of NWP, too much stuff I don't need or want just to have some features I could use.
  13. @PrncssPeach First, wrong section, next time please post it at the request & find section. Second, what you're looking for is this: there are 2 swatches: first is visible, second is invisible
  14. Fiona Barnett Age: 22 (Young Adult) Traits: Mean, Gloomy, Hates Children Parenthood Traits: Insensitive, Bad Manners Other Traits: Exhibitionist, Amphetamine Heavyweight, Amphetamine Addict, Independent Lifestyle: Close-Knit Wicked Attributes: Adulterer, Attractiveness Ambivalent Life hasn't been easy for Fiona. Getting kicked out of her parents home when she was just a teenager after failing rehab at a teen camp because of her increasing drug problems and bad behaviour. You can usually find her in the dirty, sketchy areas of town. Alone and without any possessions, she needed to find a way to make money to finance her addiction. So she took the easy route and got into the oldest profession in the world: prostitution. Fiona became depressed because of the decisions she has done in life. Failing to beat her drug addictions and selling your body to disgusting people have made her life miserable. She doesn't have any friends apart of my version of Sofia Bjergsen. Whenever Fiona runs out of cash and she doesn't have any clients waiting, she'll go ask her rich BFF Sofia for some money, which she will happily give her.... in return for something humiliating, like flashing a stranger or go streaking or fucking the next random dude. She's got a horrible reputation, also her clients don't treat her with a lot of respect. More often than not the men that used her "services" either beat her up or run away without paying. She's also being constantly molested while "at work" by my version of Bjorn Bjergsen because of loosing everything he had, even though it was his own fault. She is always looking for clients, hence why she's always walking around with smeared makeup. She has a shitty life, appart of the few moments of joy when she's spending time with her friend Sofia. She's been thinking on more than one occasion about suicide, but she hasn't completely given up hope that one day life will get better. Recently she got a very small offer from AEP for a tryout for some amateur videos. Is this the path of her future? Maybe you will help her find somebody who can bring her back on track, or you can abuse her like many before. Some examples of her clientele: Outfits: PS: I'm still waiting for Turbodriver to actually give us the option in WickedWhims to select sims as a prostitutes! FionaOutfits.7z
  15. even with the sim stripped off everything (clothes, makeup, hair, eyebrows etc) it still does it, it's only this one thankfully so it must be a glitch... goddammit, alright I guess the solution is to copy the body shape of another sim with MCCC and then re-edit it. Annoying! But thank you for helping procian!
  16. no cc skin and moving the hips to max and minimum also doesn't work 😕
  17. Hey does anybody know how to solve this hip issue? I was modifying the body whilst clothed and then I checked the body while naked and I noticed the hip had this weird step shape that I can't undo. Does somebody know how solve this? Thanks!
  18. @Kashked Wow that's really good!! Thanks! As of now the only other western/southern themed sim I've got is Dixie's fiance Wyatt but I'm not quite happy with him yet. I'd like to upload Fiona next (that blue-haired prostitute from Sofia's story). I've also got some AEP pornstars who I'm gonna work on more and yesterday I actually created a new celebrity sim who was a child actor and then crashed hard like Bella Thorne-eske or something like that. I've only gotten the face done so far so it's probably gonna be a while... EDIT: I just realized she looks a bit like Dove Cameron without the plastic surgery, THAT'S a coincidence!
  19. Yeah I've been using TOOL mod myself aswell but didn't know you could use it on sims, I thought only on objects. It was quite a pain in the ass to always align 2 or more teleporters somewhere outside the lot in the same spot. Alright good to know you can also use it on sims themselves 😅
  20. ah I like what you did here... Let me guess, a pose for a couch or bed and just elevated the teleporter? Clever!
  21. Yep mrrakkonn is right with the top, gonna link it here again though just in case Top Nipple pasties It's quite hard to find good CC for rave outfits other than Nitropanic 😕
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