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  1. The author, but a function will be added when the NPCs themselves try to get out of the devices when they are in standby mode, i.e. to stand?
  2. Hello Deep Blue Frog, can you tell at what stage of the curse for the followers of the mod. Thank.
  3. Has anyone made a preset of the body from this post? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/24606-sybp-share-your-bodyslide-preset/?do=findComment&comment=2138943
  4. Is it possible to link to the download of the original, and then they have a non-working link for 3dmgame.
  5. Please tell me how to make the texture of things on CBBE or how to remove these things so that they are not used? Because of poor knowledge of English solutions in the subject did not find.
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