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  1. emsai38

    Sexout TTW content.

    Well i hope it's not too late when it's finished, but I've run into a few problems with animations not changing at all during dialogue and haven't had a chance to really work on it for a few weeks. But i'm hoping to try and solve it and finish polishing it soon. Brocules is taking a break too so if i do finish first it may be it's own independent plugin for testing until he gets back.
  2. emsai38

    Sexout TTW content.

    Just wanted to let anyone interested know, all the dialogue for the Dukov quest is written and in the geck. It's kind of lengthy, There's a grand total of 102 topics and I'm currently linking and conditioning them all. It's kind of a little mini quest of its own, and a lot of branching dialogue. A few ways you can 'earn' the key from dukov, you can even avoid sleeping with him if your character has the right skills. Once i'm done going through and linking all the topics i need to test and polish it, but i'm not sure how long that will take, but it's coming along pretty well so far.
  3. emsai38

    Sexout TTW content.

    That's what I'm working on right now actually, I'm getting all the dialogue i laid out into the geck at this point. It's all related to the 'you gotta shoot em in the head' quest though, but after I've got that part done maybe I'll add a way to sleep with him repeatedly.
  4. emsai38

    Sexout TTW content.

    I just wanted to check what peoples opinions were on having more than just animations for sex scenes . I'm almost done with the dialogue for Dukov's place and it's actually very descriptive and drawn out instead of just a short animation (Quality over quantity ). All the descriptive text would use image space modifiers to fade the screen to black so it doesn't look silly and then fade back in when it's time for an animation. I really like how it's looking so far but I wanted to hear what others thought and prefer.
  5. emsai38

    Sexout TTW content.

    There's a program called free plane that I've been using to map out dialogue for Mr Burke, Jericho, Nova and other character's dialogue then after i finalized it moving it over to geck. It's actually been pretty useful for me to outline the dialogue and events i wanted to add. Maybe you'd want to check that out for writing some branching dialogue without having any knowledge of the geck. http://freeplane.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page I agree though that it's probably better to start with smaller scale encounters than huge companion type quests. I've spent quite a bit of time on just the Jericho and Burke parts of the dialogue that i could have probably used for a bunch of less complicated encounters. But i think ultimately I'd like to see the more complex relationships and dialogue in there since its all that more interesting. I've attached the current branching dialogue i have for Nova and Trinnie as an example if you wanted to check it out in freeplane for an example of what i mean by branching dialogue, keep in mind its kind of a rough draft though and i kind of limited their responses to dialogue that was voiced so it's not Shakespeare, but it should give you the basic idea. TTWProstitutesDialogueTrees.rar
  6. emsai38

    Sexout TTW content.

    That'd actually be great I'll send you a pm about it right away!
  7. emsai38

    Sexout TTW content.

    I was actually working on a plugin like this as well, so far i had gotten nova working where she leads the player upstairs but i kept running into a bug where the animation wouldn't change when you picked a different position after a dialogue. Other than that I've written a ton of dialogue for hiring Jericho and seducing Mr Burke, but i haven't gotten it in game yet. I could pm you some of it if you want to take a look.