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  1. Soldat-Hans

    ZaZOut4 Beta V.003

    A torture Rack would be good!
  2. Soldat-Hans

    [Fallout 4 VR] Working Adult Mods

    Just a question:" I got the toture Divices mod to work, so far everything! But this mod works not for me did anyone got it to work? I can build the crosses, but no settler or companion can use it! They just ignore my command!
  3. Soldat-Hans


    Where can I find the cage in 1.4? Its not found under torture devices.
  4. Soldat-Hans


    I planned to re-create most of the stuff that´s present in ZAZ. But that takes time. Currently im working on AI packages to get NPC´s properly bound. Then i have to look at furniture animations again to get the enter animations working, create some animations for 1st person view, do some Idles for the Cage(s) i made and work over the Crawl animation i made. And probably a lot of other stuff. Sounds very promising! Cant wait for your next release! Already Build a Bastille
  5. Soldat-Hans


    Just a question:" can you convert the ZAZ Torture instruments for FO4? Would be awesome!
  6. Soldat-Hans


    Great job! Cant wait for further updates! Startet to rebild the Castle into a Prison bastile! Thx!
  7. Soldat-Hans

    CRX - workshop crosses

    I'm having the same issue with female's screaming in male voices. Also once you remove them from the cross, they have a male voice, and lose their original female voice completely. Jop! Male voice here too!
  8. Soldat-Hans

    Animations wont work

    Just one more question! How can i do, that an NPc uses a device animation correctly and not sitting next to it or in it?
  9. Soldat-Hans

    Animations wont work

    Okay. I found it out! Now the animations work! Thx! that really helped!
  10. Soldat-Hans

    Animations wont work

    That might be the problem! Never did that! The question is, where is that GeneratingFNISForUser?
  11. I installed ZAZ animationspack, Did like it said:" Installed FNIS, Sexlab Framework, and XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS! Then I installed [W.I.P] oli3d Furniture Bondage 004-2014-test fix 2 2014-01-30 and the skyUI. At last the puppet master for commanding NPCs! Everything works fine! I use COC zbftestzone! everything is there I can spawn even Devices! but when I want to use a device, nothing works! You cant do anything for some seconds and than you can run around! but he doesnt use any device! So it seems no animation works! Do anyone know, what I might have done wrong! Since I installed everything once more! Same Problem!