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  1. Just a question:" I got the toture Divices mod to work, so far everything! But this mod works not for me did anyone got it to work? I can build the crosses, but no settler or companion can use it! They just ignore my command!
  2. Where can I find the cage in 1.4? Its not found under torture devices.
  3. I planned to re-create most of the stuff that´s present in ZAZ. But that takes time. Currently im working on AI packages to get NPC´s properly bound. Then i have to look at furniture animations again to get the enter animations working, create some animations for 1st person view, do some Idles for the Cage(s) i made and work over the Crawl animation i made. And probably a lot of other stuff. Sounds very promising! Cant wait for your next release! Already Build a Bastille
  4. Just a question:" can you convert the ZAZ Torture instruments for FO4? Would be awesome!
  5. Great job! Cant wait for further updates! Startet to rebild the Castle into a Prison bastile! Thx!
  6. I'm having the same issue with female's screaming in male voices. Also once you remove them from the cross, they have a male voice, and lose their original female voice completely. Jop! Male voice here too!
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