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  1. Most likely they won't play nice together. I could make a mini mod to fix child notification problem after I have figured out how to make come to age notification less abusive too.
  2. After reloading death stress elimination didn't work anymore and nobody was able to get trait. Game also will crash all the time, when I try to mess with death events. It seems that there is something wrong with death events or script interpreter. Other mods that try to fix sibling death problem are also broken and work only sometimes. Only way to fix this for now is to eliminate stress altogether. Not going to do that in this mod, but I could make a small simple mod for it.
  3. It seems that you can play as "a cuck" too, if you give your Harem Heaven head of faith title away. However AI doesn't seem to be able to cope with death stress and dies quickly after he has enough children. Same thing seems to happen even in vanilla, if AI has too many fertile wives or concubines. To prevent this I added trait, that eliminates death stress after first tragic death and it also helps to cope with other stress too. I also added -5 for spouse opinion to simulate that character is less responsive emotionally.
  4. I did try this out and it seems to work nicely. This will help with code, thanks. It is kind of unrealistic, if it affects all, but it is a start. That might do it.
  5. That might work for those orgies. I reserved trait ids 16600 to 16700 for harem king traits. Not sure is it enough, but it is a start for now. ### # Reserved 16600 - 16700 for this mod ### hk_celibate = { index = 16601 ...
  6. Btw, my Harem King mod suppresses all pop-ups from direct and dynastic children and makes them lower right notifications. If you want to rename your children, you can use Name Children mod from steam. Everything that is needed to do it happens in /events/hk_birth_events.txt . Later on I will try to do the same for coming of age popups too. I think it can be added quite easily to this mod, if needed. Of course you are welcome to use any part of my mod anywhere.
  7. Added new version. Changes can be seen on file page. I have been trying to figure out how orgies work in Regula Magestri. Does any other mod have anything similar? End goal for harem breeding orgies in Harem King mod is to make every wife and concubine pregnant. I was thinking something like this. - Breeding orgy can be started, if any wife or concubine is not pregnant - Process 1-2 girls each day - Repeat until all wives and concubines are pregnant. Of course if there is enough wives and concubines orgy could be going on forever. I won
  8. Currently there is no eta and I cannot say anything about eta. I never know how much time each week I can dedicate for this mod.
  9. No problem. Good that you found out what was wrong. Thank you, all help is welcome. Non intrusive childbirth popups seem to work nicely too. Of course those bring problem of children naming. Maybe adding interaction which allows name change for all dynasty children when they are younger than 1 years old would solve that problem.
  10. Problems I have found so far. - Relationship maluses when not in monogamy marriage and having concubines and wives at the same time. - Marriage acceptance maluses. - Own childbirth and dynasty childbirth popups, they can be unbearable when you have enough wives and/or concubines. I will try to find a way to silence them. If any of you find any other problems, please share.
  11. I have played this mod for a while to identify problems and bugs, but I haven't seen anything like that. - When does this happen and who are affected? - Do you have any other mods that edit succession_gender_laws ? Does anyone else have similar problems?
  12. It is not possible yet. Eventually I will make it toggleable with 3 or 4 different settings. This is from original idea and it will be something like this. However I will first iron out current bugs and problems and after that I will start adding new features.
  13. Current upload is a initial version of this mod. It most likely have some issues.
  14. Let's continue discussion in file discussion topic.
  15. View File Harem King Just a simple Harem religion mod. Discussion topic What is this? - New religion called Harem Heaven, which allows 999 wives and 999 concubines. - Harem Heaven allows only male only succession. - Head of faith for Harem Heaven is called High Breeder and for regular people he is Harem King. - Some girls under Harem Heaven faith will become concubine of High Breeder when they become adult. - Children of High Breeder will take celibate vow from birth. High Breeder can release them from their vow o
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