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  1. Love this mod! There are some issues however. 1) guards that bring you to thane when your reputation reaches certain point don't always stop what they are doing but same guard will bring you to the thane even thane has already took you in 2) Thane can reset / rerecruit you during your time as city public whore. This will reset everything 3) Once you have done your time if you use SLSF your sexual fame is so high that guards recruit you immediately. -- This is pretty piss off feature. Perhaps you were given leave? Or change it to weekly quota so you dont get released at all.
  2. I have few hopes in case of this mod. 1) Please change access to perks from button to item or spell - There are vampirism perk mod that adds item in inventory that lets you open the perk menu. You could do it with spell too? Buttons are bad in terms of console or gamepad play. 2) Integration to sexlab survival degration - Increase money gains etc.. 3) Integration to other prostitution mods where you get paid for sex. --- Out of scope hopes 1) Get pimped mod -- even you are dragonborn if you are weaponless multiple npcs should be able to rape you. Pimp wou
  3. Awesome mod! Great job. Cant wait to see if you come up with new features.
  4. Hey, I have been playing Skyrim with mods a while and been completely bothered by fact that custom armor mods come in different varieties. Even cloth looking items are defined as light armor or heavy armor. I have found "In-game equipment editor" but found it to be be buggy and pretty clunky to use. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23615 Does anyone know way to change tens (batch way) of armor mods from light and heavy armor to clothing? Would love it to be ingame as mod equip tools are difficult to use and mods update and override edits.
  5. Silly and awesome mod! Awesome job thanks!
  6. Whats the name of the cloth that Elfy wears? I have been looking for skimpy cloth that was somewhat somehow immersive and that looks great.
  7. Think there is also needs etc belly scaling and yes you can turn it all off as you all have said dozen times. Probably should use the import / export settings bit just that SLS is not the only mod and SLS has updated between my playtimes so have been interested to see new features. If I would import old settings in worst case scenario the import would turn off some new features.
  8. If you do such things problems are you will miss voices and lines.. Your best bet is probably content such as "cockmen village" that adds areas that only have men.
  9. I am curious about bimbo implementations in games so guess I need to try it some time
  10. My problem with the configuration is that I test out mods often that cause my skyrim break often And I am kinda bothered to configure everything everytime. Tried to look out mcm configure transfer from save to another but there seems not to be such things. Also I am not happy about the kennels monoman mentioned creature sex but well the main thing about them is that they modify cells which other mods modify too. So I rather had the kennels off completely. Ah cool. Milk addict is not installed but well think the milk is silly thing and that well skooma or alcohol for such addiction
  11. As you said that "Spank that Ass" has come off SL Survival already then has done its part. However what comes to cum inflation there are other belly scaling things in SL survival that makes bit of mess in my opinion.. Anyhow as said in the first message the mod is awesome and basically the though in rip off things like this would hopefully reduce the maintenance work on this mod and allow other people to work and expand some features. I completely agree and value your time and this is just discussion not anything else. Peace.
  12. This mod looks really cool but I never tried Sims with modded content. Can you change sims somwhat natural looking and remove the annoying sounds they make and improve the models to make it enjoyable content?
  13. I have been using this mod for while now and some of its features are purely awesome. Its a huge pack of features though and some of them are overlapping features to already existing mods. Because of that SL survival is huge pack of features I would love to see it split or some of its features replaced. For example there is racial disposition mod called https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/47133 which does really good job. Havent looked it to myself but there is also mods for stress and trauma that was just recently added to SL survival. Thank god SL survival already
  14. Awesome work. Many of us play with older rig so am wondering if you could add 2k texture support? Thanks
  15. I dont use COTR but seeing all the COTR mods that you lately released some of the resembles of celebs are astonishing! Its hard to mimic celebs as its not only the shapes and sizes but also expressions, sounds and moves etc that are their trademarks. Anyhow you do great job on the shapes. I understand that you probably have long list of requests etc but I still throw in one as a joke Tried to do her in skyrim few times but just did not get it right not even close. Tricia Helfer https://alchetron.com/Number-Six-(Battlestar-Galactica)
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