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  1. please take note of the new "Important" heading in the OP
  2. i'm not sure, it's one of the ones that i haven't downloaded since it's not to my taste. Also i've updated the post to add a coment that the crown may make the game crash. Thank you for your feedback x
  3. Mediafire-link is broken can you reupload pls....? Unfortunately i didn't download that one, however, if you're wanting the Succubus Outfit which also has the hat etc. http://www.mediafire.com/?hh9zzxi7ekfs14x
  4. I finally had a little bit of time this morning but not much so with the time i've had i've made the layout a lil more compact and added 2 new outfits found on these Forums. Hopefully i should have more time next week to really throw some more outfits into the list but personal life is unexpected, hope to be with you all soon to get this post back up to speed
  5. couldn't sleep so imma do a quick update to the Roadstrokers Armour set, they made it standalone and it's awesome ^^
  6. So tired today, feel exhausted, no updates today, been trying to sleep but keep getting woken up and now more tired than before >< will update tomorrow...
  7. Thank you Cicattrix for your suggestions and your help, with the clothing, I had started to put whats new each day in new posts to the thread but a spoiler for each day in the OP does sound like a better idea. I'll do some tweaking and extra work on making the changes when I get home tonight.
  8. Added today: 41 HQ Nocturnal Robes - Astrid - CBBE - UNP Black & Gold Elven Equipment With masked Helmet Castanic H40 Retexture (Red) Deadmaster Armor FTGS Armor for CBBE v3 Ivory Weapons and Armor Non-Replacer Masked Elven Helmet & Thalmore Robes Nightingale Skull Mask Noble Female CLothes Non-Replacer Nord Plate Enhanced Niso Skirt Black Niso Skirt Blue Niso Skirt Red Succubus Hat + Mask The Witcher 2 Triss Armor / Raven Armor Thieves Guild Master Armor Thieves Guild Major Retex
  9. i didn't notice this one on your list http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=6394 Rans Hair ^^
  10. To make it easier to see where i've added more, i'm going to put x then the number of how many outfits are under each letter. I added afew more to D this morning, Dragonborn monk and the Dragonball Outfit. EDIT: actually, i think what i may do instead is just do a post listing each i've added to make them easier to look up ^^ Added today: Bucket Helmet Barbairan Armour Standalone Castanic F H40 Dragonball outfit Dragonborn Monk outfit Dragon Priest's Armor Fallen Angel Hana Dress by Hentai Night Dwellers Armor Scout Armour Very Sexy Ebony Armour White Bantid Fur White Valk
  11. I just tested the links for the skimpy/savage armour' date=' it seems to be working alright ^^ Also i've added the armour you've linked to the list under C unfortunately i don't, however from what i understand it's a Vindictus / Mabinogi Heroes (mostly shortened to just Heroes) armour set, I did a search and it looks like Evie's Blood lord Armour or Nightmare Armour set. But i'm not having any luck finding it. UPDATE:Several new armours have been added to the list, a couple from the "What mod is this?" thread and others from SkyrimNexus (booooooo Hisssss).
  12. Thanks i'll take that one out ^^ i'm on a little bit of a break atm spending time with my other half ^^
  13. Hi everyone & thank you for all your kind words and support, to answer a couple of questions, well one really XD Yes i will be trying to keep this post up to date, when i wake on a morning and when i get home from work, which was around an hour ago :3 On my days off, Wednesday and Sunday i'll also be browsing other sites for other outfits to add to the list too. i can't offer full support for links or files, i'm only 1 person after all with limited time, but i will try if i can. Sexy Texy
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