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  1. Good idea, but there are some problems: 1) Textures. I'm bad in texturing. Really bad. 2) Permissions. Footprints mod has locked permissions and no source scripts at all. So if you want custom footprints set only for player character - you should go to footprints mod page and ask about it there.
  2. All ECE presets are inside mod archive, so you can choose what you need during installation process, or you can copy them manually from "==09ECE_Presets==" folder to "Data\meshes\CharacterMakingExtender\Presets" folder. Old preset will not work with new body due to the large number of changes. If you want to use your old ECE face preset with new body preset - I can convert it for you, if you give me your preset and say, which skeleton variant you want to use.
  3. Azazellz

    True Amazons Followers

    Done. You can download SSE version now.
  4. Since I have no idea why this happens - no, it can not be fixed for now. Maybe later, but this will require some animation tweaks (need to cut all non-player data from killmove animations) and using FNIS. But I have no idea, how to cull all unused data from animations. And the “legs issue” will be fixed only if it is due to unused data in the animation (for which I have no guarantees).
  5. Azazellz

    Need ID for all generic bandit in skyrim

    https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Main_Page Look here.
  6. Try to use it. It pretty simple. Just don't forget to check readme file. It can store current adjustments to special files, it can be used for adjusting NPCs, it has special features for light sources, and some other things too.
  7. You should try NiOPA (NiOverride Pose Adjustments) from this blog. Example:
  8. Alright, special for @a88378438 - Powerlanding Standalone. PowerLanding Standalone.7z 4 levels of landing; 1) Default. Just a default landing. For a fall height of 0 - 120 units. 2) Light landing. No special sound, light stagger in very small area. Small dust cloud on the spot of landing. For a fall height of 120 - 270 units. 3) Medium landing. Special sound. Heavy stagger in small area. average dust cloud on the spot of landing. For a fall height of 270 - 430 units. 4) HEROIC landing. Loud special sound. All targets in the big area will be pushed away. Very big cloud of dust and rocks on the spot of landing. For a fall height of 430+ units. How to get and use: Add a book with ability through AddItemMenu. Learn spell. Jump (of fall). How to disable or remove: Add another book with lesser ability through AddItemMenu. Learn spell. Use it (Z button). Wait 3 sec. All abilities will be removed. P.s. fall damage protection is not included.
  9. Because we can, lol. Anything (literally anything - even an old stinky sock) can become a fetish for a lot of people. So, yes, the best way to behave in such a situation is to just shrug and leave
  10. Yes, but later. I need to redo a lot of things there, not just update body (and head too).
  11. I just do not know when I can make it. Don't want to say any concrete day or even month. Because there are many things that must be done, and I do not know when I will have enough time and motivation to make all this things.
  12. SLE. Skyrim Legendary Edition.
  13. No. I think I'll upload it later as "modders resources" with some additional files that I use when making\converting stuff. But since neck area is very new, it will be almost impossible to use new body for tweaking existing UUNP because of neck seam.
  14. All the animations I knew were made for both characters on a scale of 1, so I can't help here.