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  1. News about how things are going. Finally I was able to achieve the desired quality of textures and models. Also I made all 5 variants of the skeleton, from "light" up to "XXL". But since new mod will require a lot of work with esp-files, as well as a lot of things that I never did before (spells, scripts, models, effects, and so on), and making all that things may take a lot of time, I decided to update the current version first. So, here testing archive with full package - race ("regular" variant for now), textures, meshes, animations and ECE-data. No BodySlide files for now. Need to test how all this stuff works - because it will be used when creating a new version of the mod (still I think about a new theme for mod - Amazons? Daedra? Valkyries?) If someone wants to help me with the conversion of the armor to a new body - write me a PM, please, and I will give some assets for work (bodyslide projects with custom sliders required for conversion). It will speed up the process. But if you want to help, you should have some experience with working in BodySlide: you should know how to open projects, import-export, using sliders, working with tools (because some places should be fixed manually after using sliders).
  2. Azazellz

    О наших помошниках

    Winny, before you answer, you could use google translator to understand what this person is asking about. He asks not about "mods". He asks why the Russian site with adult mods does not work.
  3. Body with high-poly nipples? No. You should make conversion of this slider for that body.
  4. Azazellz

    Can you save a mask in Outfit Studio?

    You can make slider for that mesh (zap-slider or common slider). Then you can highlight this slider with "pencil" button, select Slider -- Mask Affected Vertices. Sliders can be moved between projects with import-export feature (as obj or bsd).
  5. can you make this UUNP-JaneBod for cbbe too plz

    1. Azazellz



      CBBE is too low-poly for using with JB-sliders.

    2. damonek29


      this work for  unnp smp body

    3. damonek29


      ok thx


  6. Azazellz


    If someone wants to do it - I do not mind Unfortunately, I do not have time to do this kind of work.
  7. Azazellz


    Well, can't help here. On my PC with 8GB RAM and BodySlide x64 system freezes only for a couple of seconds. Try to remove the sliders that are not important to you, from UUNP+JB.xml (SliderSets folder).
  8. The main difficulty here is to make normal maps for the muscle relief. Normal maps for scales and fur overwrite normal maps for muscles - and as a result we get very poorly visible muscles. BeastRaces.7z Here is an archive with my old experiments (normal maps for beast races). If someone knows a better way to merge normal maps - tell me, and I will test it.
  9. Azazellz


    I do not know how the scripts for SSE were implemented, because I do not have SSE. So I can't help here.
  10. Azazellz


    All morphs (sliders) are coded inside script. So, you should made this script, as well as .tri file in bodyslide.
  11. Azazellz


    You mean that UUNP-body with a very high-poly nipples? No, I do not want to work on it.
  12. Azazellz


    No. Only in .osd format. But you do not need bsd - because all sliders coded inside .xml file (UUNP+JB.xml in SliderSets folder). If you remove slider from that file - it will not appear in BodySlide or OutfitStudio at all. Or you can use OutfitStudio for exporting sliders (highlight slider with "pencil" button -- "Slider" -- "Export OSD"). You will get problem with permission from Ousnius (creator of UUNP), if you do that and if you want to make this mod for public
  13. Azazellz


    Make a new conversion as usual - like for CBBE or UUNP. https://github.com/ousnius/BodySlide-and-Outfit-Studio/wiki/Updating-projects-for-new-sliders This tutorial should help. It was created with CK, of course. .esp file contain only one quest with two scripts attached - first from original RaceMenu (attached to Player alias inside quest), second with new sliders (attached to quest directly).
  14. Azazellz


    I think it happened because earlier you used UUNP-morphs, so scripts are left in your save file. For fresh start you can use .esp file from archive "as is". Or "clean save"-procedure also may help disable .esp file with old UUNP-morphs load game wait a little (1-3min) save in new slot quit use any save-cleaning tool, clean old scripts from your save load new clean save wait a little save again install new mod Actually, you don't need CK for this. All the sliders are coded in the script, so you can use any text editor and script compiler.
  15. Azazellz


    Thanks, but I just put all stuff together. Nightasy, who created JaneBod, Tigersan who created "Bodybuilder" slider for it, and, of course, Ousnius and Caliente - that's who really need to thank.