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  1. Azazellz


    This will require doing all the work again, but this time including models of hands and feet. And even then this bug may appear - but in other places. I'll think that I can do.
  2. Little by little. In addition, I encountered difficulties in the implementation of certain things (mostly in adaptation of all current things for NPCs). For example, spells casted through perk with "apply combat hit spell" have a very strange "source". Looks like it's not an owner of the perk, but target NPC itself.
  3. There are interesting things there, but in my opinion it is too overloaded with visual effects. In addition, this is Chinese mod, so I can not work with it normally. Problems with text encoding (squares instead of text). "Power Punch" mod is good enough for my goals (special spell-buff for unarmed-type combat).
  4. 1) https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=FormList_Script
  5. Hmmm. Maybe they were converted to SSE with errors?.. Try to use this guide and convert animations from LE version.
  6. Requirements for LE are listed on the mod page, so find the conversions of these mods (if they exist at all) for SSE is not hard, I think. If you can't find anything - just don't use SSE, and switch back to LE (like me, lol). Load order for my mod doesn't matter, so it can be placed anywhere.
  7. No idea. Use NiO files from Racemenu without Racemenu plugin. Should work, I think. Guide? Which guide?
  8. TwinSouls is not multiply the existing value, but sets it directly (to 2). So, if you have that perk, you can't summon more than 2 creatures, even if your GS was set to 200.
  9. Looks a bit too blocky. Single use of Subdivision-Surface with some amount of Smooth should be enough, I think.
  10. Whoa! Want to make some sliders for it! More high-poly than old version, right? Really good idea, of course if you can make proper skin for "under-balls" area.
  11. Azazellz

    [search] fix for bent leg / ankle

    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60128 http://sesamin.tumblr.com/post/179709616811/nioverride-pose-adjustments-ver-093-update-for
  12. Such small seam is normal. I will look at it when I have time.
  13. But I will make this only if I can not fix Weapon Arts system.
  14. New "development diary" post Update to passive-type abilities: And new "Power-type" abilities: