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  1. Well, Ok =) Here archive with meshes and textures. VKSweater.7z You can make your own .esp file from it, or you can use this files as replacers for (almost) any outfit from my mod.
  2. Well, I have one (actually two) knitted sweaters (beware of old memes!), which I made long time ago... But it's only resources, models and textures (poor quality models and textures, actually), without .esp file. So if You interested in this kind of resources - I can archive them for you.
  3. You mean only design of top and bottom, or you need just a knitted sweater, or both?
  4. Спасибо за отзыв. Для этого нужно уметь обращаться с BodySlide и OutfitStudio. Краткая инструкция ниже.
  5. New screenshots of clothes and armors from next armor pack: Dawnguard (light and heavy) Bandit fur armor (4 variant) Forsworn armor Miner clothes and underwear (standalona and it will be added as an "nevernude" option for the main mod).
  6. As for me, I use ELFX, Purity and my personal ENB, tweaked for work with Purity. If you have VGA like 570GTX or 960GTX this setup can show something about 40-60 FPS in open world (depending on whether you use some functions in the ENB (like SSAO and detailed shadows) and depending on Hi-Res Texture pack is enabled or not).
  7. Wow, she looks nice. I prefer slightly thinner waist and bigger traps, but she looks very good. P.s. did you know about my conversion of Tigersan's "bodybuiler" slider for JabeBod from Fallout4?
  8. Well, ok, I will add "nevernude" variant of base body in next update, but not sure if this helps. Because, you know, many armors from mod is quite revealing =)
  9. [Solved] How to scale npc head

    Not sure what exactly you said (my english is not good), but... Neck length can be adjusted by changing value of Z axis in CME Neck [Neck] node. And almost each node can be adjusted this way (NPC nodes for scale, CME for position), for any follower or NPC with a custom race with a custom skeleton.
  10. Automatic bone transfer do not work well in all situations. You should paint bones by yourself. Just look how they was painted on original model, and try to recreate it on your variant.
  11. Not best. Right arm have distortion on upper area during movement. Try this animation, it look similar to yours.
  12. I do not have Special Edition (because of lack of good mods and SKSE) or XBoxOne (because I prefer PC), so I can't port my mod on that platforms. But if someone else want to do that - then I have no restrictions about it. BTW, it's kinda adult mod (with nudity), and, if I remember correctly, Bethesda do not allow nudity in mods for consoles.
  13. Make weights is actually quite easy. In the game there are a lot of different dwemer metal stuff, so you just need to properly combine it. This does not require advanced 3D modeling skills. All you need is just a NifScope, OutfitStudio and some patience. For decorations you can use only CreationKit. The funniest part will start when you decide to create animations for all these weights =)