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  1. Amazons already have constant speed bonus (10 and 15%, depending of mod version), and another 15% after using PW. Also, because they taller than common races,they also move faster (Skyrim engine works that way - character speed and weapon reach depends of character height). Maybe I'll add speed multiplier someday, but I'm not sure it will be a good idea. They already fast enough (when you use PW, your character can easily outrun every horse in the game).
  2. Not "save and reload", just close RM and reopen it again. After closing RM game cleans all cashed hairstyles. Nope. It works. Just open game, and open ctrl+alt+del window (do not know how it named at english). Then check, how much RAM Skyrim takes. Scroll 100-200 hairstyles, check again. And then type PCB in console while RaceMenu still open. You can see how less memory game will use after this.
  3. You can close and re-open racemenu, yes. But you can also use PCB console command while you in racemenu. This command will clean game buffer.
  4. I tested it. Looks good, but need some fixes, and unique armor mesh. And ECE users can't use it properly, because when race changing, ECE applying skeleton sliders values from humanoid character form. And I do not know how to bypass it.
  5. Azazellz

    [SEARCH] Cassock?

    Mythic Dawn robe? Just re-color it to black and gold, like thalmor robe.
  6. Yes, you're right. After all, this mesh did not intended to be used as werewolf body. It was developed for use in human form, as some kind of armor. It have human skeleton and human skinning - werewolf model have many differents in mesh geometry, skeleton and skinning, so, that's why I did not add them to main mod. If we need fully functional "werewolf-amazon" (or "vampire-amazon") body, we need made it from scratch.
  7. Azazellz

    Help me find this mod

    I said this because even on such low quality picture I can see seam on girl's cheek =)
  8. Poor Vaermina cultist =)
  9. Azazellz

    Help me find this mod

    Pretty sure it's just a photoshoped picture.
  10. That's why I sort all my mods manually. This requires deep knowledge of the structure of all mods, but gives full control in terms of compatibility and mod conflicts. In any case, I'm glad to hear that it was not my mod that caused the conflict =)
  11. My mod doesn't have any popularity anywhere, even here, on LL (and I'm think it's not so bad, actually, because it's made on very average level), so I'm pretty sure you will not be able to find any armor from another modders. You can try to start new game, and then check childrens, just to be sure.
  12. Absolutely no. Long time ago I have similar bug with RS Children, but I can't remember what caused it and how I fixed it. But it was 100% not my mod, because it's happened before I started creating it =)
  13. Thanks. This is strange. My mod should do not have any conflicts of such kind, because it do not change anything in other races and it do not overwrite any files from main game (or other mods). All that "race" mod change - is an armor entry of "prisoner tunic" and some impact data for bolts and arrows. Maybe this issue happens because after installation of my mod your load order changed? Glad to hear =) P.s. but I'm not a fan of such kind of proportions =)
  14. Well, glad to hear. If you can make sliders conversions - it will be very good. P.s. asking about this because BodySlide make terrible sliders conversions when "reference" shape with sliders is low-poly, and "outfit" shape (for which you add sliders) is high-poly. So, you should use more "advanced" 3-d editors for that. When I tried to make some kind of "Maximum-UUNP"-high-poly-body I'm stuck at this "sliders" part. Funny, but wnen you use high-poly shape as "reference", and low-poly as "outfit" - sliders creates correctly, without noticeable distortions. For example, I can add sliders from JaneBod (body replacer from Fallout4) to that "maximum-UUNP" body without any efforts, using only BodySlide.
  15. Looks nice. But I have a question - will you make conversion of sliders from your HD-UUNP SoS mod?