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  1. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    Your welcome my own personal settings for Woohooer concerning romance Nraas>Woohooer>Romance>Interaction Level: Married set to Any Romantic this allows for the possibility of affairs especially if the sim has the traits for it like Flirty, Commitment Issues, Adventurous, Daredevil, Evil and a couple of others. I leave these 2 at default Nraas>Woohooer>Romance>Interaction Level: Steady even though their dating they don't have the same level of commitment as sims who are married and more prone to cheat but you still need to be friends (mainly sims with Commitment Issues you can get them to start flirting at this level) and others at least good or best friend Nraas>Woohooer>Romance>Interaction Level: Romance But recently I've been experimenting with leaving them at default as I noticed very very few affairs happened and noticed that at default the ones that do have affairs are the ones with the cheater traits whereas the other types of sims will mess around but not have affairs You can also use Woohooers Scoring Module to make things harder with default settings as I noticed that sims who don't have the cheater traits are less likely too flirt with and accept any flirt from another sim if they are married or dating but still possible at the best friend level. And to give you an idea sims are nasty given the chance they'll hump their own family members before they will anyone else. I once had Allow Near Relation turned on and set to autonomous in both Romance and Woohoo (under Species Human in both Allow Near Relation must be turned on before seeing the autonomous option). With Kama Simtra also installed with Notices turned on I would get 3, 4, 5 or 6 notices a day about sims banging their family especially Lisa Bunch in Sunset Valley she sure loved doing Risky Woohoo with her brother and father (she had 2 kids one by each) and Bebe Hart also in SV who really loved her father as she had 3 kids with him not to mention she later had 2 more kids with her brother/son; I had alot of messed up family trees in that game (needless to say I never did that again unless I had to due to a lack of unrelated sims in the town thus making incest necessary).
  2. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    The 3 Romance Settings are independent of each other You can set Nraas>Woohooer>Romance>Interaction Level: Married to Spouse or Partner (Partner is better in case the sim has a girl/boy on the side), as this one only affects sims who are married. Nraas>Woohooer>Romance>Interaction Level: Steady you can set it to Partner, as this only affects sims that are boyfriend/girlfriend Nraas>Woohooer>Romance>Interaction Level: Romance you can leave that one alone as it affects sims that are not in a relationship
  3. Does anyone has kicker's mod

    Passion is the successor to Animated Woohoo it was started by AlfieChan (who also took over and revised AW before replacing it with Passion) after Kicker left but works alot better and is currently under the development of Twilightstorm and is here at LL https://www.loverslab.com/topic/82485-passion-requires-patch-level-163/
  4. Problem with passion

    I also recommend putting in an extra set of animations cause sometimes sims get dumb and try to use an object that doesn't have animations Amras KW version works better than the AW get his KW version 1.4a it has fixes to some of the clips https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2487-sims-3-wip-amra72s-sex-animation-for-onikis-kinky-world/ And these are good https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2676-sims3wip-l666s-sex-animations-for-kinky-world/ When you put those in go into Passions Settings look for Positions click it and scroll down to Reload Defaults and click that.
  5. Problem with passion

    cmar_XCAS_corefullxx.package and the Master Controller tattoo extension are NOT compatible. Use only one. XCAS and Master Controller without the tattoo extension ARE compatible. It's right on the mod description page http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=434270
  6. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    You have to do it in game click on City Hall or any computer Nraas>Tagger>Enable Sim Tags. Tagger is very useful mod it can help you keep track of sims. Especially if they get stuck and need to be reset unless you use OW that one will do it for you automatically. FYI virtually all of Nraas' mods are compatible with Passion. With maybe Selector being the only exception (not sure on that though as Selector replaces the PickObjectTask and SelectObjectTask systems and will conflict with any mod that has custom OnPick{} functionality) never tried to see it does. And Untranslated Key is for Script Modders. So unless you're a coder you can leave that one.
  7. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    Install Nraas Tagger (make sure to turn on Sim Tags save then reload for the setting to stick) when you see it happen again quickly pause go to Town View and hover the mouse pointer over the Map Tag of one of both sims. Use Nraas Woohooer Romance Interaction settings to determine who can flirt since flirting is what triggers Passion While Passion is geared more towards Romance it's primarily a sex mod for casual sex and friends with benefits. While it's possible to have an on/off switch for Passion to cause Romantic Interests it would also make it conflict with Woohooer and alot of people use that mod along side this one; my younger teens can't use Passion Interactions but they can use Woohooer Interactions. Woohooer does alot of things other than woohoo like fixing certain parts of the pregnancy system that was left buggy by EA.
  8. ask for money whoohoo from one 89

    No I got it to work but honestly it kinda sucks. First you have to woohoo with a sim and they both have to be in Flirty mood and have a high relationship level Ask for Money after woohooing but the interaction is always a negative There was a better one out there but the creator of that one disappeared back in Sept
  9. ask for money whoohoo from one 89

    You can find the updated version here http://sims4studio.com/thread/8048/one89-creations
  10. They should be yes. As an extra measure to make sure those actions don't happen I also have Twoftmama's No Immigration/Emigration mod installed over at Sims Asylumn (requires free registration to see and download anything) http://simsasylum.com/tfm/
  11. WickedWhims - 30 November 2017

    It was updated again just 4 days ago
  12. Last Exception

    Do you have any CC beds they need a batch fix which can be done with Sims4Studio.
  13. WickedWhims - 30 November 2017

    I don't have any of those either. It's probably something buggy with the game itself seems to be a repeat of what happened when pets got added to TS3 and they changed the default sim body; pregnancy was one of things that got affected.