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  1. I was about to use the disease to shrink my char's futa schlong and make a female nord grow one. I realized this mod considers pubic hair as schlong and it made it grow 1 size 😛 Would be nice if this mod filtered pubic hairs like Gender Bender or maybe use the BecomingFuta MCM page for female schlongs
  2. Seeing these talk about BF, I've been using it since the beginning and I'm about like 150h on my savefile .... yikes. No problem so far, I've been playing trying to not get my char or followers pregnant. The only issue was after getting inseminated from Estrus Chaurus, BF cycle couldn't resume after being paused, I just did a reset of the cycle and it was back again. I would use Fertility Mode but I miss the creature pregnancy
  3. @Monoman1 I had a curious notification message in top left, after the partner orgasmed. I also did a last try with the property eviction, by removing the windhelm home key i had before updating SL Survival but no sucess, I still "own" Windelm's home after the update. I'll move on, just writing it here if someone else has the same issue.
  4. Ok, thanks for the explaination. Yeah, I updated from 0.602, reason why this only happens to me now. I'll continue roleplaing that some confusion happened at Windhelm and go with it, atleast it's not game breaking. Or ... maybe the easy propriety can give me access to the Windhelm home. So many new features for me
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