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  1. I encountered a peaceful giant (didn't know it exists), then AC triggered the giant doing pursuit on my char or follower. Too bad the giant was only walking instead of running, made it too easy to lose him. Do you think there's a way to nuance the "draw weapons to scare away" feature ? Like make the creature hesitate (too complex maybe) or check the player skill of the weapon held ? For exemple, less chance of scaring if the player has low 1hand skill or low destruction skill. Otherwise had no problem with the mod and it's a must have for my loadlist.
  2. Does this ignore the contraception ? And is the % customizable ?
  3. @karlpaws got it right, as I was asking if the NPC can dance the same as if it was the PC. English isn't my mothertongue so maybe my grammar isn't perfect, specially when I'm tired.
  4. I finally wanted to add the bikinis in my game. But I'm kinda confused by all the versions and alternatives. There's Bikini Ascend, Bikini Maiden. There's multiple versions of TAWOBA, some with slots correction, some with Break mechanics, some with Bakafactory's quests. I started installing these last year but I ended let it rest after having slots/invisible bodyslides issues. Which version do you guys advise to download ? I'm looking for the most complete with like Glass and Elven bikini. I also saw BikiniMaiden, is it good to have it alongside TAWOBA or is it superflus? In the end I'm looking to merge all armor mods, does SL Survival need the TAWOBA esp name to detect bikinis or does it uses the keyword ?
  5. Thanks, I'll switch from SexLab WorkingGirl to this mod, it seems to have more features. I'll only miss the HorribleHarrassement extension that happens when client refuses to pay.
  6. I've been having this same problem since a long time, if someone knows how to fix that, I'll take suggestions. I don't think it comes from either Baka's ABC or MNC, I did tests with minimal mods but it was a long time ago.
  7. Hmm odd, now the PC only grabs to put in her inventory instead of drinking it. IMO, I think it's better when the PC directly drinks it. Still the same situation as before, find a drug when looting, then when looting a second container; grabs and drinks the drug from the 1st container.
  8. Hello @Bane Master, thank you for the update! It's almost perfect there's no more looping on looting non existant drugs, except now it finds and stocks the drug on the 1st container like intended but doesn't drink it. Then when you loot a 2nd container, it makes the PC drink the stocked drug. It does indeed remove it from the 1st container but it needs a 2nd looting, it can be the 1st container again.
  9. It should directly come when the mod is activated, the power is named SLApproachToggle. While I use LE version with SLAroused extended and not Baka's version, I don't think it changes something, you even found the power with SSEEdit.
  10. I have the same problem, no MCM appearing. I tried many things like refreshing with setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1, saving reloading, remove re-adding the esp. Changing the load order by puting SL Coitus lower. And also tested with minimal load orders. I used version 1.2b on LE
  11. Thank you for your answer. While looking how to backport, I did find a guide how to setup and create SE animations, it did mention first creating the animation in LE format and then porting it. Reason why I assumed maybe you had those. Guess the guide is outdated.
  12. This is exactly what I'm looking for, except I'm on LE , can I use it on oldrim or do you still have by chance the wip animations before exporting to SE @Erundil ? I was looking how to backconvert from SE but it seems I need so many tools.
  13. Hmmm, I've been trying to use HDT cloaks with the differents packs found here and nexus, but I always get double cloaks on the College of Winterhold cloak. I've tried to remove slots with Tesedit, check the slot in nifskope like DjaySaint mentionned but no success. Any ideas ?
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