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  1. NIkki1564

    Milk Mod Economy

    If memory serves me, milk slaves are useless. Only npc's that can produce milk for you are milk maids. There is a spell to make npc milkmaid, but not sure if it actually works until said npc consumes lactacid (can happen by entering milking machine also), and you will get a pop up asking if you want to make npc a milkmaid. As for the milk they produce I had always had a problem when not near my milkmaids as far as not getting milk or gold from selling directly. I did however receive milk in my inventory when they would get milked in same cell I was in. I would usually try to "make rounds" to their location once a day and put them into milk machine.
  2. NIkki1564

    Boston Breeder

    Very much enjoyed/enjoying this mod. Very entertaining as well as some VERY cute times !!!! I do have question and suggestion. I have done most of the quests and I'm not sure if I missed it, what creatures can the sole survivor breed with ? I have tried some of the tame deathclaws in the game and cant get chat option to even try. I have made it through chat with dogmeat but without animation I'm not sure if we mated or not, but I've not gotten pregnant. ( I have successfully gotten pregnant with human baby so I know that works ) My suggestion/request Is there a way to stop followers from running around while trying to chat with them ??? I have had to "moveto player" in a small room just to chat with some of them. Thank You
  3. NIkki1564

    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    hmmm guess I'll find out when it grows up lol Thank You Very Much for the help !!!!!!
  4. NIkki1564

    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    ok reloaded prior save and all went fine. But what is a symbiote ? was that from the gun ? I did adjust setting to be able to get pregnant by all, but I only had sex with ppl and the longhorn. Was no real birthing first time through. Water broke and I fell to the ground. This time I went through short birthing process, labor pains, contractions, etc.
  5. NIkki1564

    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    My first birth in this playthrough, and I think its from a longhorn. I dont think its an actual quest, but it would have been from the Longhorn by the twins in Arefu. I didn't check that I infact got pregnant from him, but all other sex was anal/oral. I did get hit from inpregnation gun ( no idea if that does what it sounds like). I checked KO setting, I did not change them it is at 7s for victim, but that is for rape so dont think that would have anything to do with birth. Should I reload previous save and try the birthing again ??
  6. NIkki1564

    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    Quick (hopefully) question : My character got pregnant, made it to delivery. After delivery however my character passed out. Has been laying there for 2 days now unconscious. Is this normal ? how long is the max I could be laying there ? Thank You
  7. NIkki1564

    Breast Expansion and Lactation

    But as stated I HAVE NOT FOUND 4 SURGICAL TUBES I have the repair level to make it, I even have Veronica as follower who could make it for me. I either didnt search the right places or have done quests in areas where the tube is not found. Since the pump is a mod I cant get the pump ID from wiki but I did find the id code for the tube and cheated the 2 more I needed into the game so I do have the pump now.
  8. So my second time trying a playthrough, and second time losing sex animations. I get offered, and have offered in chat and "John" said yes, then we just stand there. Both times I was in second trimester of pregnancy.....is that normal in this game ??? or is it just coincidence and I need to look elsewhere ? As with my first time, I had also agreed to be sub for Veronica so not sure if that may be a problem, but she still has requests and have already "messed" around several times prior to this point, but again we the game is at a point where we just stand there with clothes on.
  9. NIkki1564

    Lost Animations

    I had about 10 mods installed and approx 24 hours of game time in. Decided to add some mods, installed fine and kept playing, but due to doing quests, I did not have any sex.....after another 10+ hours of playing I was short on caps and decided to "earn" some since I was standing in new vegas...after quite some time there and fast traveling to ppl I had spent sexy time with before I realized my sex animations no longer worked. Since I did not use them for so long, it was many mods later when I realized a problem. What I do get is less opportunity to have sex than I remember but more importantly.....when it is agreed to have sex, both parties just stand there, no undressing, and if we ran somewhere to have sex the npc wont talk with me and runs off. I have no idea if its a conflict or a mod I installed messed things up, and as always the possible human error on my part. I have run loot, and get no warnings ingame, and as far as I can tell everything else ingame is working fine. Edit: I'm guessing one of the mods I added requires a new game. I tried starting a new game, and everything works fine. Hate to lose all the game time invested, but wouldn't be much fun without animations !!!!!!
  10. NIkki1564

    Breast Expansion and Lactation

    If anyone is still viewing this topic...... I got the mod to work. Found sweet slime etc. My "problem" is i have over 60 hours of game time and haven't found items to make the pump. Sooooo if anyone has the id for the pump it looks like I'll have to cheat it into the game. Thank You
  11. NIkki1564

    SexLab Sex Slaves 6.2 December 06, 2016

    Hmm you may have hit it there......while I was going around with Andrew, not only was I killing time by "working" in The Animal Mansion, but was keeping few other followers happy. I did notice the options/choices of sex with Andrew changed, as did his responces but only "hints" I heard him mention was Honningbrew mead. We spent 2 days in the meadery and I gifted and traded LOTS of mead to him. Is there a way to check the love level, or just restrict activity to him while doing his quest line ?
  12. NIkki1564

    SexLab Sex Slaves 6.2 December 06, 2016

    How do I start "playthrough" with Andrew ? I took Mia downstairs and have her fully trained as my sex slave. Decided to become Andrews toy, so set out with Andrew, Jenny, Sasha, Sylvia, and myself. I have been running all over Skyrim for over 2 ingame weeks and have no idea where or what to do. In MCM I have radiant quests set for every 3 days but either I am missing clues as to how/when they start/have wrong ppl in party/or messed up somewhere, and only comments I get from party are just random comments about location (my Dad use to take me to places like this). Any ideas, hints, or tips ? Thank You in advance.
  13. First, A big Thank You for the help !!!! It was not that long ago I found LL and began enjoying mods from here, but its been long enough my SOS was out of date. I was also missing 2 plug-ins as you knew. So after reading your reply few times, checking for most current version of SOS and said plug-ins, and a very nervous update (lol), this old fuddy dud actually got it working. :-) Thank You again for the awesome mod. She is very sweet and rather good in battle without being OP. Not to mention very easy on the eyes. And Thank You for the help !!!!!
  14. Very nicely done !!! Had no problems installing and gaining as follower. At first she was using strap on during sex and I found at least for me I had to go to SexLab Cumshot and click to make her transgender. Now I get proper selection when asking for type of sex to have and no more strap on !!!! Love the mod, the outfit is sooo hot, and maybe a little op on the armor value, but im certainly not complaining. I am curious,( here comes noob question lol) with this mod installed is there a way for pc to be transgender, or to use her as pc instead of follower ?
  15. NIkki1564

    What mod is this

    Thank You, it was DFWSupport. I saw other options, % to tease etc. guess I didnt read last one correctly and even tho it was set low it doesn't take much for npc to be devious !!!!