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  1. Problem with the dice game in madam's place. the dice do not actually roll they just stay as a 2. Anybody else have this happen? also the patches you list where do i download them from? and are they they same patches as before? i still have those.
  2. I keep getting an error message on start about 1.00.6 being loaded on the save and there could be bugs. I have never had version 1.00.6 i started a new game with 1.00.7 loaded.
  3. I am at her stall at the market but she has no hire dialog...any ideas? Edit...restarting seemed to have fixed the problem. move along nothing to see here. Thanks for the fun mod.
  4. Having an issue with home delivery...the customer says you have a sexy body come here let me feel it. then nothing happens besides them following me around the house. there is an option to say how may i serve you but then they still say let me feel you. i tried panic and reset and it happened at 2 different houses. Edit...nvm nothing to see here, the old reboot option fixed everything. thanks for a great mod.
  5. I am stuck with the stable as the only active task. Is there anyway to get the other ones started? the whole tasks area of the MCM is greyed out, not sure if thats how its supposed to be or not. I walked the dogs once, had sex with guard a couple of times and bathed the old man twice but it has been nothing but the stable for a week now.
  6. I am having a problem with the male sos balls are moving so fast you cant really see them, or there are 2 separate set of balls. im no sure what is happening i just know it looks like ghost balls sometimes. do i need a different xml file? i seem to recall a long time ago somebody posting a xml file for sos with ball collision that i loaded somewhere but that was like 2 years ago. not sure what xml i need to be looking at or using at this point. love the whole body and easy package install, thank you so much for putting it all together.
  7. on game load. it ctd on a new game or saved game as soon as it starts with wartimes enabled.
  8. I did the display model fix and i downloaded the sd cages and i am using the amputater version with the files in the correct place. the game will start fine with everything enabled until i enable the wartimes esp then i get a CTD any ideas what i should try now?
  9. yes, i replaced all the references i could find with hair from the holiday hair. other way to go, i have an old ks hairdo so i still have the fawn mesh in that can i add the fawn hairstyle back to ks hairdo. esp somehow with tes5edit? i tried just putting the mesh and texture file inside ks hairdo but that didnt work.
  10. Where do i edit out the fawn reference? i removed it everywhere i could find in json files but in game it still wants to use it. in game if i do a ponytail and then remove it nothing will change since it wants to use fawn. when i check with the mirror it will say hairstyle is fawn. i removed the reference in default json file and ks hairdo file json file. my hair is long enough now that it is using traveler so its not an issue currently, just wondering how to fix it for the next go around.
  11. KS Hairdo no longer includes the Fawn hairstyle. I have looked through the json files and removed every mention of Fawn that i can find but it still tries to use it. What json file do i need to change? and do i just substitute another hair name?
  12. Ahh you replied so fast i didnt have the time to say i worked it out by going BD replacer with less revealing setup to BD standalone more revealing setup and then to bikini even more slutty happy happy. I changed the standalone clothes setup as well, so life is good and thanks for the mod and the quick reply. oh it didnt seem to work until after i refreshed the mod from the MCM do i need to do that on each game load?
  13. Hi, I am very intrigued by this mod however i am also very confused. OK so i think i have it working with the BD armor replacer by also using the BDstandalone.esp So when i sluttify the DB replacer armor it turns into DB armor remodeled but it looks exactly the same as the DB replacer (is that correct?) i built the bodyslide files for the standalone. When i sluttify the newly BD armor replacer then it turns into the Bikini version from TAWoBA which is nice. Is there a way to go from the DB replacer directly to the bikini? or am i doing something wrong? And what is
  14. Aela gave me 2 quests at the same time steal plans and get fragment of wuthrad. i did both quests at the same time and turned in the plans but she wont let me turn in the fragment. queststage command says cr11 255. i tried to set it to 200 and nothing happened i tried to set it to 20 and nothing happened. is there anyway to clear out the fragment quest now?
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