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  1. Need a little help... problem : only the werewolf and troll's ABC is wrong, others is correct. appearance : werewolf and troll 's penis floating there, with their tongue also , moving with the body but... without vertical movement, just horizontal move when the body moves. what mine ESP / mods order : ABC1.91( can't find a ESP for ABC) beyond MNC12.5A beyond XPMSE ( newest version); ESP is MNC beyond XPMSE.
  2. what's that cloth mod? as same as a game's charactor's (st.louis)
  3. ah nice works. expecting this suit in skyrim, from charactor st._louis_(luxurious_wheels)_(azur_lane):😀 with the back is all naked, include the upper butts
  4. HI, i met a CTD when i update to Auguest Version...im not a English speaker, so...sorry for the grammer everything is OK with 032020 ver (C, H, S, F) 03 S+ 08 C+08 H=crash when loading game ( loading for some seconds, then CTD, not CTD the moment when i load) 08S+ 08 C+ 08H=same only 08S=fine ( run fins with only 08S) only 08 C+08H=fine( run fins with 08S+08C+08H, but only √ C & H in MO) what cause this? beyond the animation limit?
  5. hi, how to turn the non-looping animations to the ...um, like other normal animations?
  6. Nice video, and... does those animations from funnybizness armbinder pack?
  7. I install BHUNP with MO, and use BS to build it, but when I chose BHUNP feet(only chose, not build), the BS crushed and info that ' fatal ' error, why this happen?
  8. um, what is the tag 'FFS'? i dont remember that children has a nude texture...
  9. I updated my fins to 7.5XXL, added 2 new animation pack, now most of creatures' penis is separate with body ( you can find it seem like a Independent module, just change its position with main body, but when creature do a sex action, the 'module' just float, stay there) when I canceled 2 animation pack and start game, this problem still there, so the possibility of animation pack was ruled out.
  10. um……forgot to hide UI ( btw, how to post picture instead of add a file here?) enb 2019_11_24 01_43_25_15.bmp
  11. um, why in some animations, just creature doing it without my character?(character just stand at there)
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